Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Movie Review: Special Forces, an SM CinExclusive

It's not often I get to meet a foreign film director whose movie turns out to be really, really impressive. Last week, I had the privilege to be invited to the press preview of Special Forces, a movie by Stephane Rybojad. Prior to the special screening, I asked him what audiences can expect from the movie (since I really had no idea what it is about) and he told us to look forward to action, drama, and even a little bit of comedy. 

Ambassador of France to the Philippines, Gilles Garachon and Mr. Stephane Rybojad
In the course of the Q and A, we found out that Mr. Rybojad started out as a documentary film director who had his share of going to dangerous places. He said the film is a tribute to men who are crazier than he is and who are willing to save lives at the risk of their own. He also described that no magic tricks were used in making the film. The actors really had to suffer the heat from the dessert as well as the cold during their shoot at the Himalayas.

Special Forces is a French war adventure film that takes viewers to some of the world's most breathtaking yet hazardous landscape found in Afghanistan where danger not only lurks in the camp of the Taliban but also in the hostile surroundings. 

This movie stars Diane Kruger who plays Elsa Casanova, an aggressive war correspondent who was taken hostage by a vengeful Taliban warlord whom she described as "the butcher of Kabul" in one of her articles. Plans to rescue her were made which included a Special Forces unit assigned by the government. The group of soldiers readily accepted their mission with the single purpose of bringing Elsa home alive. The elite commando force is headed by Kovax, played by Djimon Hounsou. The film also stars BenoĆ®t Magimel.

Together, the strong and independent journalist and the men of duty had to confront perilous situations that will test characters and friendships while they run for their lives as they were continuously pursued by the Taliban.

Special Forces is not the usual damsel-in-distress-needs-to-be-rescued story. There are layers to it that will open the minds of viewers about the sad realities happening in other parts of the world. Be ready to feel anger at the injustices you will witness; compassion at the people who suffer without any chances of being rescued; root for the inimitable spirit of those who bravely try to change the system; and hope for the small group of people who seem to be losing the fight of escaping the enemy.

I tell you, it will take you a long time to forget the things you will see in this movie. The main characters are very memorable and the stuff they went through as actors would earn your admiration. I believe this is Diane Kruger's best work to date and I hope this movie is given recognition by international award giving bodies because it deserves it.

Do watch Special Forces. I am sure you will be very impressed as everyone who came to the press preview were. If you are an SM e-PLUS card holder, you'll even get 50% discount on tickets to this movie! The promo is valid Mondays to Sundays, any screening time of the day. SM Advantage Card, Prestige Card, BDO Rewards Card and Global Pinoy Card holders also get 20% off on tickets.

With brilliant director Stephane Rybojad
Special Forces, is now showing exclusively at SM Cinemas and is distributed by Pioneer Films. The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has given this film an R-13 rating.

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