Bayan Telecommunications Launches Kamusta.PH

Life is definitely harder these days than in past decades. More and more Filipinos feel forced to work abroad to provide their families with a good life. However, the decision doesn't come without sacrifices. Aside from needing to work very hard and adjust to a new culture in a foreign land, perhaps the most difficult for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to beat is the extreme loneliness felt in being far from one's family.

Bayan Telecommunications presented a solution to this problem through a press briefing held recently at The Lounge  in Tomas Morato, Q.C. The event was hosted by the funny Karen Dematera, more popularly known as "KaladKaren", the grand winner of Banana Split Extra Scoop's 2nd "Clown in a Million" contest of ABS-CBN.

Kamusta.PH is an Apple application for the iPhone or iPad and which can be downloaded from the App store. Through WiFi or internet connection plus a paid subscription, OFWs can now easily call their loved ones from abroad. Initially offered in Japan, Kamusta.PH can now be used by any Filipino worldwide. 

Neil S. Macalino, Head of Bayan International, explained that the app was specially made for families who have loved ones abroad and who need to keep in touch as often as they want. This is possible, he says, with the affordable subscriber fees of Kamusta.PH.

Depending on their subscription, OFWs can have a virtual Philippine Bayan number on their iPhone or iPad that their families can contact using any Bayan number from the Philippines. On the other hand, Filipinos abroad can also make "local calls" to any Bayan number in the country. Bayan executives assured us that the reception is so clear, it would be just like taking a call from a neighbor.

So OFWs, skip the family dramas and talk to your loved ones any time you want to. Download the app and call now! For more information, please visit the Bayan Telecommunications website.

*Note: The Android version will also be made available soon

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