Monday, May 14, 2012

How Do You BonChon? :)

Around February this year, a friend suggested we eat at BonChon because, according to him, it has one of the best chickens he has tasted in the long time. I agreed after just one bite. The chicken is flavorful and crunchy outside, and juicy inside. So far, BonChon's chicken (in soy garlic flavor) has become part of my top list of favorite chicken places.

Earlier today, I joined several friends in BonChon's newest branch located at the Bonifacio Global City. There, we got to try a lot of the restaurant's best dishes including its famous chicken. We also got to meet Scott Tan, BonChon Philippines' managing director, who gamely demonstrated to us how to savor their chicken wings to the fullest. Apparently, one has to break the wing in half and eat the bigger part whole, leaving two bones bare.

During our meal, I found out that BonChon means "original village" in Korean and that the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brand originated from South Korea in 2002. It began making waves globally when it was introduced to the US market in 2007, captivating the discerning palates of residents in various US cities. The cult following propelled BonChon further to cities in other countries including Bangkok, Manila, and Jakarta. At present, BonChon has 25 stores in Seoul and is opening soon in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Brunei, and India.

The establishment serves contemporary Asian/Korean-American cuisine that highlights the super crispy yet light and non-greasy original Korean fried/crispy chicken secret. But a part from their main product, BonChon also has seafood and rice meals, sandwiches and wraps, salads, sides, and the deliciously refreshing Ko-Yo or Korean Yogurt. I love the blueberry flavor! 

Although the chicken recipe is standard in all BonChon outlets around the world, we found out that other items on the menu may vary from one country to another. However, the Philippines has been forefront in offering innovative food ideas in terms of the core product (e.g. serving the thigh part cooked BonChon style) and other dishes such as seafood (BonChon-style squid, crispy fish, fish tacos, and fish and chips), plus other entrees such as my favorite chapchae or Korean noodles, calamari, and chicken sandwich among others.

The first BonChon store opened in the Philippines in November 2010. In a little over a year, they already have 18 branches in Metro Manila and may be considered as one of the fastest-growing fried chicken-based QSR's in the country aside from being the biggest Korean-style crispy fried chicken chain locally.

Thank you Geronimo Photographico for this shot!

I will definitely go back again and again to BonChon to indulge in more flavorful chicken in the coming days.  I got to bring home some chicken to my kids and they also loved it! Know more about BonChon by visiting, liking them on Facebook, and following them on Twitter.

*To see more photos of BonChon's various dishes, please visit the BonChon album in this blog's Facebook fan page.

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