Sunday, May 27, 2012

Enjoy Motherhood With The Help of New Beginnings

Women who become new moms starting the year 2000 are very lucky because they have so many resources at their fingertips. Back in the early '90s when I got pregnant with my firstborn, it was so difficult to find reading materials on pregnancy, maternal health, and parenting. I remember being frustrated at the lack of baby magazines and books to get information from. All I had to guide me were well-meaning (but not always right) relatives and a Dr. Spock book that my mom had when she was pregnant with me and my siblings!

I discovered the first local magazine on parenting when I already had my third child while the internet, when I was already a mom of four and my youngest was around three years old. 

Nowadays, it's so easy to just Google stuff on the net and you get the instructions, tips, or tricks you need in an instant. Still, not all information online are reliable so moms really have to make sure they're getting good advice from real experts. 

Coach Pia interviews pregnant and lactating mothers
Enter an online community for expectant moms that was launched by FrieslandCampina, a global leader in nutritionally safe dairy products. In a recent event held at SLICE in Bonifacio High Street BGC, Taguig, representatives of the company expressed belief that there is probably no other defining moment for a woman than motherhood. After all, for nine months, she carries with her a new life that signifies a new beginning. And throughout this journey, she needs all the support and information she could possibly get to make the experience worthwhile. The event was hosted by Lexi Schulze with Coach Pia Nazareno as speaker and forum moderator.

Coach Pia and Lexi discussing NBC and Frisomilk with FrieslandCampina executives
With this in mind, New Beginnings Community (NBC) was formed to provide Filipino mothers an unforgettable and meaningful journey towards motherhood. It is a community where “progressive” mothers can view pregnancy in a whole new light. NBC advocates that the journey through motherhood can be more fruitful and worry-free when shared with other women who are going through the same things or have already "been there". 

The community welcomes all moms and provides them with guidance and support throughout their pregnancy as they grow with fellow mothers and gain confidence and peace of mind. Members can expect to discover unlimited ways on how they can maximize their maternal experiences and have access to practical information and the latest trends on pregnancy and motherhood . 

NBC further aims to enlighten pregnant women on proper prenatal nutrition as it is very important that moms know what vital nutrients they need to keep themselves healthy all throughout the pregnancy period as well as knowing the dos and don’ts when expecting a baby.

Mothers will be given guidance in understanding and becoming more aware of the changes in their body and how to address them. For instance, those who experience indigestion and constipation due to hormonal changes and the weight of the baby are advised to  have a healthy digestive system while pregnant to ensure her comfort and to guarantee the baby’s proper development as the said conditions can affect it one way or another.

With this, FrieslandCampina supports the need to alleviate pregnancy discomforts like constipation and indigestion in women through its high quality products such as FrisoMum, the first maternal milk with the breakthrough PrePro System. This is an advanced formula with Prebiotics and Probiotics which supports a healthy digestive system. Prebiotics (food for the good bacteria) and Probiotics (good bacteria that help fight against harmful bacteria) are food ingredients that help with digestion and alleviate pregnancy discomforts. Together, they help maintain good intestinal flora and a healthy digestive system.

The FrieslandCampina team
FrieslandCampina recognizes the growing needs of progressive mums which is why, as an added convenience, FrisoMum is currently available for online purchase through the New Beginnings website at This is the first time ever in the country that milk is made available on the internet, accompanied by a simple and easy direct delivery service. Each 900g can costs P900 and courier fees are fixed at P90 to anywhere in the Philippines.

If you are an expecting mom, join this progressive maternity environment that provides vast information on safety and nutrition with the right prenatal milk, as well as valuable emotional support for mothers who are eagerly anticipating the day they will lay eyes on their little bundles of joy.

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