Restaurant Review: Sunrise Buckets at The Grove by Rockwell

Sometimes, you just want to unwind and hang out with friends in a comfortable place away from the stresses of work. I found such a relaxing spot when I, and some buddies, were invited to check out Sunrise Buckets located at The Grove by Rockwell in Ortigas. It's a location with residential and commercial spaces made for the modern urbanite located along C5 across Tiendesitas.

When we arrived there, my attention was instantly caught by a huge, artistic fountain that produces a seemingly mysterious cloud around it. You won't get wet when you come nearer, you'd just feel the cool touch of the mist. I would have loved to hang around longer but dinner was calling and I was also excited to try out the offerings at Sunrise Buckets.

The restaurant was founded by chef sisters Abigail Co-Haw and Bridget Co who got inspiration from their travels in Miami, Florida; Bondi Beach in Sydney; and Vancouver, Canada. As they explored beaches, they also tried out various versions of buffalo wings inspired by each venue's tastes and spices. From their love of exotic buffalo wings flavors all over the world, Sunrise Buckets was born.

Buckets come with customers' names although mine got erased
from too much handling :p
It's amazing that the sisters were able to come up with 15 flavors for their buffalo wings recipes! I got to try several and liked them all, except for the spicy ones because my tongue can't handle to much hot food. My companions ordered beer (SB has a great selection) while I opted for a root beer float which really, really tasted good! Prices range from P185.00 to P250.00 for a complete meal.

"Because of the hectic schedule of our fast paced life, it's almost impossible to plan for beach vacations nowadays," explained Abigail. "So we decided everyone needs a little break. We deserve to sit back, relax and just appreciate the simple things in life." Thus, the surfer ambiance incorporated in the store's interior design.

Get away from the busy streets of Ortigas and seek out the easy-going mood in The Grove which will start opening its doors to its new residents this coming June. According to Bridget, they were excited putting up one of their branches there because they immediately knew that the whole concept was a perfect match. "Both hubs create a relaxing place where intimate communities like family and friends can feel at home and zone in to the simplicity and beauty of nature."

Nachos Overload - P165
Abigail added, "It's an easy escape from the busy city life that everyone would love to step into." So indulge in the awesome fusion of the beach, buckets of wings, and cooling beverages as you enjoy a night out of good food, stories, and laughter with friends or family. Try one or more of the internationally inspired buffalo wings flavors and experience for yourself what it truly means to have a Bucket of Sunshine all to yourself.

Check out the cute Bone Collector!
Visit Sunrise Buckets at The Grove by Rockwell along C5 across Ortigas Avenue. For more information call 571.8151 (The Grove) or 477.7636 (Sunrise Buckets). Also check out 

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