Saturday, April 21, 2012

Discover Delicious, Discover Friendship at Greenwich

One of the most fun things to do is to be able to unwind at the end of a long day with family and friends. Sure, there are times, it's very relaxing to simply stay at home and watch a great movie on DVD or cable, or read a good book. But there are also moments when it feels nice to just go out and enjoy good food with good company.

The other night, several of my friends and I were invited to join other groups of friends at Greenwich Pizza and Pasta's Katipunan branch to try out their latest offerings. One of these is the Greenwich Spaghetti Supreme. In the Philippines, it's common to find the classic red spaghetti in restaurant menus because Filipinos usually look for it. After all, we have embraced this Italian fare and made it our own in more ways than one. 

Pinoys have come up with a lot of variations to the ubiquitous red sauce which, in general, now has a uniquely sweet twist (definitely Filipino!) and is loaded with a generous serving of meat. I'd bet the women in your family have their own spaghetti sauce recipes. I have!

But when outside the home, you can get your dose of red sauce and al dente noodles craving with Greenwich's new and improved Spaghetti Supreme. Jo Anne Ingalla, Greenwich Assistant Brand Manager for Pasta, described. "We added more of what our market loves in spaghetti and the result has made our product even better." Aside from tomato sauce made richer with fresh ingredients plus quality ground beef topped with freshly grated cheese, each meal comes with a piece of tasty Garlic Stix. Customers can order this dish a la carte for just P49 per serving.

Aside from the very filling Spaghetti Supreme, we got to sample several pizza flavors, crunchy onion rings, lasagna, buffalo wings (quite spicy so I only took a small bite and downed half a glass of iced tea immediately :p), and sweet dessert.

In between bites, my friends and I got to catch up on the latest news, had some good laughs, and listen to guests who stood up to sing with the live band provided just for the event. I'd say it was one great Barkada Night for everyone and Greenwich was a perfect venue to do all that.

Before we left, we were gifted with a couple of awesome American Idol limited edition items. My kids and I tried them at home and liked how the microphone-shaped speakers sounded. The earphones are comfortable to wear and also produces good sound. 

Unfortunately, I've just found out that the speakers are no longer available but the AI earphones are! So, if you're an AI fan, you might want to grab one of these before the items run out. They come free when you order the Overloaded Barkada Feast worth P649 or can be bought at P99 if you get the Lasagna Supreme Feast worth P399 or the Barkada 6 Pc. Bucket Feast worth P499.

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