Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yahoo! She: A Celebration of Real Women and Real Answers

Let’s face it – women have so many things going on in our lives and which we HAVE to share to fellow women who we know would understand what we are talking about. This March 15, Yahoo!, the premier digital media company, launched Yahoo! She in line with International Women’s Day which was celebrated last March 8.

Yahoo! She is a one-stop online destination that intends to offer “Real Women, Real Answers”. And to celebrate this lifestyle website as well as lend support towards creating a nurturing environment for women, Yahoo! Philippines held an intimate gathering with members of the media and three influential Filipinas from various backgrounds.

We got to hear words of wisdom from Pia Magalona, dedicated mother and women’s health advocate; Patricia Hizon, TV host and co-founder of Everyday is Your Birthday Foundation; and Lori Baltazar, blog author of Desserts Come First and reading advocate. The ladies chatted with guests about different issues that Filipino women face and offered insights for each topic discussed including things that women want plus their strengths, weaknesses, and pet peeves.

It was a lively afternoon of exchanging ideas and opinions on stuff that range from relationships, parenting, and career to health, beauty, and fashion. The discussions were led by host, make-up artist, and personality development coach, Bianca Valerio. She moderated the questions and answers between the three panelists and guests. The activity  aptly mirrored the nurturing and supporting environment that Yahoo! She aims to also deliver online.

“Sometimes, it’s not just about [asking] people you trust but [getting inputs from] people you come across whose words may help you make a decision you need to do [when you need to do it],” Patricia pointed out.

The feminine portal, although mainly targeting 18-34 year olds, will have content that will resonate with every age and every stage of women’s lives to help them stay on top of things and make their daily lives manageable and more productive. “Yahoo! She is a lifestyle site for everyone, even for men!” explained Charley Braga, Deputy Country Editor and Lifestyle Editor for the website.

This Philippine version of Yahoo! Shine features a combination of original and syndicated content from some top lifestyle publications such as Cosmopolitan, Lovefood, Grazia, Juice, Investopedia, and Forbes; independent bloggers and expert columns by Dr. Diana Sarmiento (for Health and Wellness), Olivia Yao (for Parenting and Relationships), Erica Paredes (for Fashion and Beauty), Chinggay Labrador (for Home and Organizing), Angel Rivero (for Health); polls and surveys; advertiser sponsored content and promos on topics ranging from beauty, skincare, healthy eating, exercise and diets, maintaining work-life balance, and getting organized.

Arlene Amarante, Yahoo! Philippines’ Country Ambassador and Sales Director shared, “We are very serious about bringing our global products and making them local. Yahoo! She is for women who want to ask questions they are afraid to ask. It [can be] every woman’s online best friend and confidante and aims to empower women by offering a nurturing environment for the Filipina.”

* Photos used with permission from Orange Magazine TV

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