Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sam Concepcion & Julie Anne San Jose On the Cover of Pinoy Mag's March - April 2012 Issue

Last month, a photo of Sam Concepcion and Julie Anne San Jose was posted in Pinoy Magazine's Facebook fan page announcing the couple's appearance in the publication's next issue. On February 28, "SamLieonPinoyMag" landed on the sixth spot of trending topics in micro-blogging site Twitter while the photo shoot was ongoing. Although Sam and Julie came from rival networks, their respective fans seem to like the new team up and some even dubbed it as a "dream tandem" even though each was being paired with different artists.

Two days after the said photo shoot, Pinoy mag posted a video duet of Sam and Julie singing the chorus part of Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown's "No Air". A fan named AmBootSaImo posted the clip on YouTube and garnered 50,000 view in just five days and lots of positive comments. 

Please visit the YouTube version of the video above to read all the reactions.

Back to the Pinoy Mag issue, Sam and Julie Anne will share there the role they want to fulfill in the entertainment business; what qualities they look for in a musical tandem; what they do to keep burning up; the pressures of being role models; and their answers to some of the most intriguing and controversial questions straight from their fans.

For those who don't know much about these two, Sam is dubbed as The Ultimate Multimedia Teen Heartthrob. He is a regular in ASAP Rocks and a cast member of Angelito: Batang Ama. He has also started shooting the comedy-musical I Do Bi Doo, Bi Doo.

Julie Anne, on the other hand, is known as The Ultimate Musical Princess who performs in Party Pilipinas every Sunday. She has started filming her first movie Just One Summer and will soon release her solo album under GMA Records.

Pinoy Magazine Editor-in-Chief Annie Media affirms that it has been long overdue to have Sam and Julie featured on their front cover. "Both should be given the best projects from their respective networks. This is the right time to fully utilize their talents," she expressed. "They are equally talented, very devoted to their craft, and simply the best musicians of their generation. An additional factor is the huge fan base that both have."

Annie adds that the way the photo shoot went, they won't be surprised if the two will have a collaboration or a musical project together in the near future.

The SamLie issue will be available in all 7/11, Mini-stop, Odyssey Record Bars, Astroplus, Booksale, Filbars, NBS, Shell Select, Mightee Mart, newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets nationwide for only Php 28.00 starting March 29th.

To know more about the SamLie issue, visit: https://www.facebook.com/PinoyMagazine on Facebook or follow them on Twitter: @pinoysongmag.

On another note, while it's still available, grab also a copy of Pinoy Magazine's February issue with Kean Cipriano on the cover because my blog post about Somedaydream's Blogger's Night is included there! 

Thank you again Annie and Ayelski for reprinting the piece :)

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