Restaurant Review: Floring's BBQ & Grill at BGC

The Bonifacio Global City has already become one of Metro Manila's busiest business districts to date what with a lot of companies transferring or setting up shop there.

Whenever I am in the area these past months, I've observed that if you're eating out on a budget, your choices there are limited to the usual fast food establishments. And then I discovered Floring's BBQ & Grill when my friends and I were invited to do a food tasting there.

They have been open for two weeks when I ate there. We arrived around 11 am and the staff weren't kidding when they said the store would be fully-packed when 12NN strikes. It seems all the office workers near the area have heard about Floring's delicious food and reasonable prices. We were seated on the second floor and could see how long the lines were downstairs.

Here's the list of the things we ate:

Very tasty Pork BBQ with very tender meat and comes with unlimited rice

P99.00 w/ plain rice, P120.00 w/ java rice
Pork Sisig with Egg (+ unlimited rice), the kind of sisig I like!

P135.00 w/ plain rice, P155.00 w/ java rice
Ensaladang Talong -- I was the one to finish off what's left on the plate because I liked the alamang so much!

Halo-halo, a perfect dessert after a good meal on a hot afternoon. For the price I saw on the menu though, I hope the real serving is more than what we were given to sample at the time.

Behind the dishes at Floring's is Chef Florabel Co-Yatco, the president and CEO of a chain of 12 restaurants including Florabel, Crisostomo, Market on 5th, Sweet Pea, Johnny Chow, and Elias. She is also one of those behind the success of the Mr. Kurosawa Euro-Japanese restaurant.

The next time I visit Floring's, I'd be sure to try their other offerings like the Crispy Hito and Binusog na Pusit (two of my favorite seafood) and perhaps the Inihaw na Liempo.

If ever you're in the area, visit Floring's and have a tummy-filling experience without hurting your pocket.

Floring's is located at the corner of 4th and 34th streets (quite near St. Lukes). It is open from 10AM to 11PM. For inquiries, call 966-6873.

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