Event Coverage: Hamming it Up with Purefoods and Four Celebrity Moms

What comes to mind when someone says "Ham"? Christmas, right? For years, that's how Purefoods Fiesta Ham has been popularly known for: The Star of the Noche Buena Feast. That's true in our house and, I guess, in many other Filipino households all over the country, too.

This year, Purefoods goes beyond the Yuletide festivities to prove that everyone can have that Noche Buena zeal in every occasion whether it's a date, a birthday party, or a weekend picnic with the family. Recently, Purefoods presented four celebrity moms as its Hambassadors who shared with guests their non-Christmas occasion recipes made with Purefoods Fiesta Ham and which were executed very well by Chef Jessie of Chef Jessie Rockwell Club.

Suzi Entrata-Abrera loves spending Sundays with  her family: hubby Paolo and daughters Leona, Jade, and Nela. She uses the time to recharge for the coming week. For their family bonding, she chooses to serve Crepe Pouches and Kebabs made with Purefoods Fiesta Ham Smoked Boneless. We got to taste these yummy treats and each piece is really something adults and kids would love eating.

Christine Jacob, a  fitness buff and former Olympian, makes sure to include being active in her lifestyle. She runs, plays tennis, and does yoga among other activities. After working out with friends, she likes having something light and says there's no better way than to toss up a salad with Fresh Greens topped with a hearty herbal dressing and spiced with chunks of Purefoods Fiesta Ham. Complimenting the salad is a creamy Potato Soup also with small bits of ham. I so love the salad served to us because it was drizzled with dressing made from passion fruit, one of my most favorite fruits in the world! If the only available food in the event is that salad, I'd already be very happy as long as I could eat at least three servings :)

Barbie Almabis-Honasan, one of the most recognizable Filipino singer-songwriters who was lead vocalist to rock groups Hungry Young Poets and Barbie's Cradle, now enjoys a rewarding life as wife to painter, Martin and mom to daughter, NoaStina and son, Liam. Although she continues to write songs and perform live, she makes time to concoct a special kid-friendly and Creamy Pasta Dish made with Purefoods Fiesta Ham for her children's parties. 

Actress Danica Sotto-Pingris, is very familiar with being in the limelight as she has been for most of her life and which sometimes makes it difficult to spend quality time with loved ones. Thus, she romances her PBA player husband, Marc, by capturing and recapturing his heart through his stomach. Her choice, when it comes to a meal made special with an extra dose of creativity, is a Ham Wellington prepared with Purefoods Fiesta Ham Boneless. 

For dessert, Chef Jessie whipped up little cakes with bits of ham. These perfectly ended lunch on a sweet and satisfying note.

Like these women, ordinary moms can unleash their inner chefs by discovering new and creative ways of preparing Purefoods Fiesta Ham for their families. I will! So we can enjoy eating ham all year round, served in various dishes, and not just during Christmas eve.  

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