What comes to mind when someone says "Ham"? Christmas, right? For years, that's how Purefoods Fiesta Ham has been popularly known for: The Star of the Noche Buena Feast. That's true in our house and, I guess, in many other Filipino households all over the country, too.

This year, Purefoods goes beyond the Yuletide festivities to prove that everyone can have that Noche Buena zeal in every occasion whether it's a date, a birthday party, or a weekend picnic with the family. Recently, Purefoods presented four celebrity moms as its Hambassadors who shared with guests their non-Christmas occasion recipes made with Purefoods Fiesta Ham and which were executed very well by Chef Jessie of Chef Jessie Rockwell Club.

Suzi Entrata-Abrera loves spending Sundays with  her family: hubby Paolo and daughters Leona, Jade, and Nela. She uses the time to recharge for the coming week. For their family bonding, she chooses to serve Crepe Pouches and Kebabs made with Purefoods Fiesta Ham Smoked Boneless. We got to taste these yummy treats and each piece is really something adults and kids would love eating.

Christine Jacob, a  fitness buff and former Olympian, makes sure to include being active in her lifestyle. She runs, plays tennis, and does yoga among other activities. After working out with friends, she likes having something light and says there's no better way than to toss up a salad with Fresh Greens topped with a hearty herbal dressing and spiced with chunks of Purefoods Fiesta Ham. Complimenting the salad is a creamy Potato Soup also with small bits of ham. I so love the salad served to us because it was drizzled with dressing made from passion fruit, one of my most favorite fruits in the world! If the only available food in the event is that salad, I'd already be very happy as long as I could eat at least three servings :)

Barbie Almabis-Honasan, one of the most recognizable Filipino singer-songwriters who was lead vocalist to rock groups Hungry Young Poets and Barbie's Cradle, now enjoys a rewarding life as wife to painter, Martin and mom to daughter, NoaStina and son, Liam. Although she continues to write songs and perform live, she makes time to concoct a special kid-friendly and Creamy Pasta Dish made with Purefoods Fiesta Ham for her children's parties. 

Actress Danica Sotto-Pingris, is very familiar with being in the limelight as she has been for most of her life and which sometimes makes it difficult to spend quality time with loved ones. Thus, she romances her PBA player husband, Marc, by capturing and recapturing his heart through his stomach. Her choice, when it comes to a meal made special with an extra dose of creativity, is a Ham Wellington prepared with Purefoods Fiesta Ham Boneless. 

For dessert, Chef Jessie whipped up little cakes with bits of ham. These perfectly ended lunch on a sweet and satisfying note.

Like these women, ordinary moms can unleash their inner chefs by discovering new and creative ways of preparing Purefoods Fiesta Ham for their families. I will! So we can enjoy eating ham all year round, served in various dishes, and not just during Christmas eve.  

Babies don't come with a manual and so do marriage and parenting. Many in my generation became a husband/wife and a dad/mom without knowing much what's really in store for us. A lot simply relied on what our elders say we should do especially when it comes to newborn care. I'd bet, like me, you'd also say you just kept learning as you went along. 

photo borrowed from www.designrelated.com
I remember when I became pregnant with my first child. The internet, even cellular phones, were not yet popular then. Books on pregnancy and parenting were scarce and expensive. So I resorted to reading pamphlets I got from my OB-Gyne and a Dr. Spock book that my mom had since the '70s. There were not enough resources to brief me on all the right things I should do once the baby comes. In retrospect, I knew I'd prefer having more know how than what I could get my hands on at the time.

photo borrowed from www.wallcoo.net
TV shows that discuss relationships became in when Dr. Phil was discovered by Oprah. At least, that's when I believe I started learning more. I already have my four kids at the time and found a lot insights whenever marriage or raising children was talked about. Around 2001, I also discovered a parenting e-group where I got to meet some of the nicest ladies I'm still friends with today. There, we got to share a lot of stuff about our lives and encourage each other whenever one of us is going through some rough patches.

Still, it's different when I hear advice from experts like pediatricians, child psychologists, or marriage counselors. I was fortunate to be able to meet and interview a lot them through my work as a newspaper and magazine contributor. I also got to attend seminars which enriched my knowledge on bringing up kids and nurturing my relationship with my husband.

I am of the belief that we all need to hear what experts have to say. And I'm thankful that there are groups with a vision to help improve relationships among Filipino families. Recently, I attended an event where Ms. Maribel Sison-Dionisio, a well-respected parenting and relationship expert, shared with mommy attendees about the ABCs of Parenting during a bloggers' event held at Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street.

The talk was like a refresher course for me since I heard Ms. Maribel speak before during a past event and wrote an article about it for Manila Bulletin. You can read that write up, entitled Raising Good Learners, here.

A few months ago, Ms. Maribel had this idea of having a family congress and asked two of her friends to help her. Ms. Fides Reyes, a PR and events organizer, and Ms. Rowie Matti, CEO of the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, share Ms. Maribel's passion on learning how to be the best parents one can be. Their  sincere vision to help educate other families about relationships and love inspired them to organize the Family Congress 2012: Building the Filipino Family to be held coming August.

Don't stop reading just yet if you are not married yet and/or have no kids! The congress will have a variety of topics that parents, teens, and singles would find very useful. Specifically, we call on:

1. PARENTS who want to: improve on their methods or styles of bringing up their children; validate their parenting style; value and look for ways to bond or show their parent-child relationship; know the value of modern technology and how they can manage it.
2. COUPLES who wish to nurture, maintain, or improve their relationship.
3. TEENS / YOUNG ADULTS who are confused with their emotions and those who are pressured by peers and society.

The organizers shared, “Our vision is to equip every individual with the knowledge and skills they need for their particular relationship stage.” Thus, congress attendees have the freedom to choose one session in the morning and another session in the afternoon from among 10 varied and very interesting topics:

Morning sessions:
1A Migrating and Managing the Digital World by Queena Lee-Chua, Ph.D.
2A Handling the Bully and the Bullied by Honey Carandang, Ph.D.
3A Built for Forever: Preparing Singles for a Lifetime Relationship by Rissa Singson-Kawpeng
4A Teen Talk about Love, Sex, and Dating by Dan and Nabelle Caballes
5A From Wellness to Wholeness (for adults 21 & up) by Harriet Hormillosa, M.A.

Afternoon sessions:
6P Being Friends Forever in Marriage: Learning the Art of Fighting by Allan Dionisio, M.D. & Maribel Dionisio, M.A.
7P Teaching Parents to Talk to Kids & Teens about Sex & Relationship by Michele Alignay, M.A. & Aiza Tabayoyong
8P Managing Teen Emotions by Obet Cabrillas
9P Career, Relationship, and Life Plan for Singles by Pia Nazareno-Acevedo
10P Beyond the Tears: Griefwork by Cathy Babao-Guballa

Aside from attending two sessions, guests will also get to hear inspirational messages from Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle and motivational speaker Francis Kong. To find out more about the above-mentioned organizers and speakers, you can read their profiles here.

The Family Congress’ mission is to provide a venue for learning by gathering the best experts in the field of psychology, parenting, and relationship to share their knowledge to family members, educators, and organizations in the most effective and simplest way. It happens on August 25, 2012 from 8AM to 5PM at the Valle Verde Country Club, Pasig City. It is presented by The Love Institute in partnership with Galileo Enrichment Learning Program and F.I.D. Event Services.

Early bird rates are: P1300 if you register before April 30; P1400 if you register before June 30. Regular rate is P1500 per attendee. Promo rate: 6+1 (pay for 6, get 1 free based on regular rate). Registration fee is inclusive of seminar fee, meals, and lots of freebies.

For more information, please call 579-0100, 0917-8972903, 0922-2521896, email familycongress@gmail.com, follow them on twitter.com/FamCong2012 and like facebook.com/FamilyCongress.

* Special thanks to the following sponsors of the bloggers' event: Fully Booked, Bo's Coffee, Taters, Binalot, and Mommy Mundo.

There's always something fascinating about reality shows especially if they involve gorgeous ladies, fashion, and glamour. 

America's Next Top Model first exploded on to TV screens in 2002, quickly establishing itself as a worldwide phenomenon. It is seen in 170 countries with 47 local formats produced. The show, created by former supermodel Tyra Banks, chronicles the transformation of everyday young women into potentially fierce supermodels.

ETC, the number one authority on ANTM, airs all-new episodes in the Philippines as well as Top Model Rewind, the weekday block that provides the show's fans too re-watch old seasons.

To kick off the 18th cycle of America's Next Top Model, ETC held a Quiz Night at Club Vogue in New World Hotel to test fans' knowledge about the popular show's past seasons. Guests also got to watch an episode of the new cycle which now includes contestants from another Top Model franchise, Britain's Next Top Model who are going up against all-new American hopefuls.

Photo borrowed from Orange Magazine TV
America's Next Top Model: British Invasion can be seen every Monday at 8PM on ETC. Watch the new group pf girls pose and strut their way through the competition for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to earn a modeling contract, fashion spread, a TV guest correspondent stint, a contract with a makeup brand, and to become the face of ANTM's perfume.

Tyra Banks continues to serve as host, mentor, and judge. Joining her on the panel of judges is noted photographer Nigel Barker plus new judge Kelly Cutrone, a New York Times bestselling author and fashion public relations maven. Jay Manuel serves as creative director while Miss J. Alexander returns as the runway trainer.

photo borrowed from www.wetpaint.com
Stay tuned as the show brings in a list of guest judges who will share their expertise. From the worlds of music, TV, and fashion, these include TV personality Kelly Osborne, reality star Kris Jenner, pop star Estelle, and Marches fashion designer Georgina Chapman.

ANTM: British Invasion can also be see on free TV on RPN-9. For more updates, like ETC on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or log on to www.etc.com.ph

Many of us are already familiar with the terms free radicals, toxins, pollution, etc. which are generally harmful to the body. More and more, we get exposed to these kinds of elements without knowing exactly how to get rid of them. 

Discover a new treatment that involves negative ion. I had the privilege of trying out Zenyu Ecospa's negative ion hot bed which is said to have healing components. This originated from Ecoparadise Japan where they recognized the power of nature in studies on negative ions. According to their researchers, a clean and fresh environment means there is balance with the electrical charges of the soil and the environment.

What does this mean? A balanced environment is free of bacteria and viruses. As the concrete jungle (a.k.a. cities) continues to expand, it displaces the symbiotic relationship of soil and air therefore spreading more positive ions and free radicals in the environment. Simply put, positive ions are harmful to the body's immune system because they allow bacteria and viruses in. On the other hand, free radicals are found out to cause degenerative diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.

As such, Ecoparadise Japan formulated a deoxidizing solution that they included in materials like plastics, paints, wax, bricks, tiles, and other materials to mimic the bounty of nature and produce negative ions. These materials are what were used in Zenyu Ecospa's negative ion hot bed treatment room. Someday, I'd love to live in a bacteria-free home that's also made with these kinds of materials!

Prior to trying out the hot bed, I underwent a simple screening where a machine, called a capillariscope,  checked the capillaries near the nail of my ring finger. I saw on the screen how my blood flow became faster when a cloth fiber, infused with deoxidizing solution, was placed on top of my hand. Impressive! 

To further show us how effective the deoxiding solution is, we checked out a display where 7-month old food products had crystallized but did not decompose. They are contained in a box painted with the same paint used in the spa and Hotel H2O where Zenyu is located.

What's amazing about the hot bed was that, despite the pints of sweat my body produced inside the room, I came out of it without any sticky feeling and no unpleasant smell. We were told that it is even advisable not to take a shower after to fully enjoy the healing benefits. So I didn't and continued to feel refreshed the rest of the day.  

When you visit Zenyu Ecospa, make sure you take a dip in the fish spa jacuzzi where tiny fish will clean  dead skin cells off your body. It was designed for people to dip their whole body in but the experience was so ticklish (you should have heard us giggle and scream like kids!), I just opted to submerge my legs and feet instead. Still, it took a while to psyche myself that the fish mean no harm :p

You can also avail of specialty massages at Zenyu Ecospa priced at P700 while the 30-minute hotbed costs P400 and fish spa jacuzzi comes free. 

I also got to see various products infused with the deoxidizing solution. Some of them are plastic containers where you can make homemade yogurt and fruit enzyme drinks in. One of the staff had us try some and they tasted good! Another interesting product is the Pirikare multipurpose powder made of soya bean. It is so versatile that you can use it for bathing, brushing your teeth with, cleaning the car, washing the dishes and clothes, and even as fertilizer! 

Check out these services and products at Zenyu Ecospa located inside Hotel H2O at the 3rd floor of the Manila Ocean Park complex. For inquiries, please call 2386190 or email Zenyuecospa@hotelh2o.com. You can also check them out on Facebook

* Photos borrowed from Zenyu Ecospa's Facebook page. My flash drive has gone bonkers and a lot of my photos taken this March had gone missing :(

Clawdaddy is mostly known for serving American food like BBQ Baby Back Ribs and seafood like oysters and crabs.

The next time you visit their branch in Shangri-la Mall, Ortigas though, get your palate and tummy ready for Clawdaddy's newest offerings -- Italian dishes!

Have a taste of delicious pasta dishes. I love the one with red sauce and shrimps!

Of course, being at Clawdaddy won't still be complete without the seafood. Aside from the clams in the pasta, we also had some mussels cooked with lemon slices.

Perfect combination with the pasta and seafood dishes is the glass of sweet white wine that the friendly staff served us.

We also got to chomp on several slices of piping hot thin crust pizza. Yum!

The fish and chips (or fries, in this instance) was a big hit on our table. The fish is moist and flaky and goes well with the dip and the fries.

Dessert was heavenly. I'm not much into cakes or anything with chocolates but the panacotta was a big hit with me. I love the one with the plain syrupy topping. I think I ate three of those!

The next time I visit Clawdaddy in Shangri-la Mall, I'd probably have pizza and pasta again aside from the crabs that, oddly, I am craving for as of this writing. That's what's hard with blogging about food, you get hungry again just by looking at the pictures :p

If you're also up for pizza, pasta, and seafood, get them all in one place! Clawdaddy is located at the 6th level of Shangri-la Mall, Ortigas. They are open from 10AM to 9PM on Sundays, 11AM to 9PM from Mondays to Thursdays, and 10AM to 10PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Ideas are born from imaginative minds. And if young minds come together, they are sure to spark greater ideas. 

The youth of today may come off as idealistic but they genuinely desire to contribute and make a positive difference. Believing in the creativity of the youth, Unilab Ideas Positive, a social marketing clinic and competition in one, provides a venue for college students to share their innovative and sustainable ideas that are aimed to address the health and wellness concerns of their communities and turn those ideas into reality. 

College students who will join in Unilab Ideas Positive campaign will be provided with:

-- a 3-day social marketing boot camp where they will learn and understand social marketing approaches from a pool of experts using current and relevant social marketing practices and case studies

-- seed money so they can implement their social marketing programs within six months

Now on its third year, Unilab Ideas Positive gets even better as it focuses not only on positive ideas but also on positive outcomes to create a difference where it matters, in partnership with the Filipino youth.

This 2012, Unilab Ideas Positive is now expanding from Metro Manila to the entire Philippines, covering North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao so that more college students would have the opportunity to help transform their chosen communities with their social marketing ideas.

And since more positive ideas to be developed are called for, more communities will benefit. There will be fifteen (15) teams that will each be given Php100,000 seed money from Unilab Foundation for the implementation of social marketing programs - a total of Php1.5 million seed money! 

With these bigger prizes at stake are more opportunities for people to come together and have this shared goal of a healthier nation. As such, it makes Unilab Ideas Positive a rewarding venue for the Filipino youth to make significant contributions where they are needed most.

College students, team up for a healthier nation and become part of this transformative journey towards a better Philippines! Start sharing your ideas! Vist www.unilabideaspositive.com for the mechanics and other details.

Cash plays a big role in economies around the world including the finances of individual families. In the Philippines, where Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) originate, many residents rely on remittances sent by their loved ones who are working abroad. According to Nick Cunnew, VP of MoneyGram in Asia Pacific, the Philippines is now the fourth largest remittance-receive nation in the world . Thus, it's very important that money is received by the right person at the fastest possible time, every time.

This year, MoneyGram International launches the Moneygrado campaign, the company's answer to what their clients need -- to make sure or "manigurado" that their money goes to where it should and when it should be there. The leading global money transfer company has geared up its operations and expanded its presence in the Philippines to address the growing remittance market. 

MoneyGram has a global network of 267,000 agent locations -- including retailers, international post offices, and financial institutions -- in 192 countries around the world. It is internationally recognized and continues to grow rapidly with 9000 agent locations in the Philippines, making it the single largest network remittance company in the country.

Aside from direct/walk-in cash transactions and home deliveries, MoneyGram tied-up with 20 major banks (like Banco de Oro and Metrobank) and well-known financial establishments (like M. Lhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier and Peragram) to provide clients the convenient option of transferring funds directly into the receivers' bank accounts or ATM cards, and transferring money online or via mobile phones.

Yesterday, MoneyGram introduced Robin Padilla as its brand ambassador to members of the media. When asked why they chose Robin, the executives pointed out that the well-known actor has mass appeal among Filipinos; is a symbol of hope and second chances; is a credible voice in advocating for products that have a broad target market; and helps strengthen MoneyGram's brand awareness among his devoted followers.

Juan Agualimpia, EVP and CEO, affirms that Robin, "talks straight and people believe him. And when he takes on a project, he's really committed." 

"I find him a very humble individual. He's also very concerned about the plight of the seafarers," Cunnew revealed. "He understands and has an awareness of what OFWs go through."

Robin, on the other hand, shared that he is a veteran of money transfers as he has been sending money through the years to his ex-wife and children who are in another country. "Ang pera ko, palabas. Ngayon, gusto kong maging daan para magpasok naman ng pera sa bansa," he expressed adding it is a blessing for him to be a part of MoneyGram because he believes that it is very important that the money OFWs work hard for are received by their loved ones on time.   

To learn more about MoneyGram services, please visit www.moneygram.com/moneygrado

Edit, April 7: Please scroll down to find out who the winners are ...

I don't think there is a Filipino who doesn't love music. We're always either listening to or singing songs and, perhaps, playing musical instruments every day right? So here's another giveaway, this time for Zia Quizon and Slapshock fans courtesy of PolyEast Records :)

Last month, I got a chance to meet and hear Zia sing live. You can read all about it and more details about her CD here. I requested an extra copy of her self-titled debut CD from PolyEast and had it signed by Zia so I can share it with one of my readers.

Also last month, my eldest son reviewed Slapshock's Kinse Kalibre album and said it's something metalcore fans would like. You can read his review here. I also posted a press release entitled "Slapshock Reloads 15 year-old Career in Kinse Kalibre featuring the first single Ngayon Na" in my other blog. Check it out to know more about the band. Since my son already has his own copy, I'm giving away the still sealed one given to me. 

To win one of these CDs, please read and follow the mechanics:

1) Like the PolyEast Records and Write, Breathe, Live pages on Facebook so you can tag us later. 

2) Attach or copy-paste the link of this blog post (http://mommywrites.blogspot.com/2012/03/blog-giveaways-signed-zia-quizon-debut.html) as your Facebook status message and write:

"I’d like to win Zia Quizon's album from PolyEast Records (please tag the page) via Write, Breathe, Live (please tag the page)." 


"I’d like to win Slapshock's Kinse Kalibre album from PolyEast Records (please tag the page) via Write, Breathe, Live (please tag the page).”

Make sure the status is set to "Public" so it will appear in PolyEast's and WBL's pages. Philippine residents only please. Failure to comply with the mechanics won’t make your entry eligible for the giveaway. You may also tag Zia Quizon or Slapshock in your status message.

3) *If you want a double chance to win, follow PolyEast and follow me on Twitter and tweet me this message:

"@ruthfloresca I'd like to win a signed Zia Quizon CD from @PolyEastRecords via Write Breathe Live http://bit.ly/GPFN3P"


"@ruthfloresca I'd like to win a @slapshock CD from @PolyEastRecords via Write Breathe Live http://bit.ly/GPFN3P"

I'll include your name twice in the drawing.

4) Deadline of entries will be on 12MN of April 6. Winners will be chosen through an electronic draw via Random.org and announcement will be made on April 7 :) I'll send the CDs to the winners via courier as soon as I get their mailing addresses.

Game? :)

Edit, April 7: And the winners are:

Screenshot of random drawing via Random.org (just click to enlarge)

Congratulations to:
Charnell Timbangcaya for the signed Zia Quizon CD and
Kristan Noel Beato for the Slapshock Kinse Kalibre album (he's the only one who entered the Slapshock giveaway)

Please PM me (Ruth Floresca) via Facebook your mailing address so I can send you your CD next week. May I request that you take a photo of yourself and/or your prize and tag me or Write, Breathe, Live on Facebook so I'd know you received the item. Thank you very much for joining!

Stay tuned to more giveaways in the coming days! :)

I'm not much of a sporty or an outdoorsy person; but when opportunities come to try out new things, I'm always ready and adventurous enough to give it a try. When a friend told me we were invited to visit a new resort in Tagaytay City, I jumped at the chance to explore a new place. 

And so we traveled for more than an hour last Saturday night towards a destination where we didn't quite know what to expect. Upon arrival at Gratchi Farm and Resort in Brgy. Cabangaan, we were cheerfully greeted by Ms. Gratchi Nuval herself along with some of her staff. 

We were shown to a structure they call The Ruins (because it was in ruins before they rebuilt the place) and were surprised, and utterly touched, at what we saw written on the white board in the dining area on the first floor.

Next, we climbed the stairs to the second floor where there is a living room and several rooms with single beds. Everybody scrambled to get first dibs on a bedroom each. 

Since they were still preparing dinner, we were encouraged to try out the pool table and ping pong table on the still semi-finished third floor. Rod and I found out we were the ones who will be playing there first because we had to tear the packaging off the paddles. It was nice to work up a sweat because I was getting chilled already with the cool Tagaytay wind. 

Dinner was a totally delicious, healthy food event. It was our first time to taste mushroom kare-kare, fried mushroom, and macapuno-like dessert that's also made of mushrooms! I am big fan of mushrooms so just imagine how happy I was about the menu :)

Before we retired for the night, we swapped stories with Geoff Nuval, Ms. Gratchi's son, who was visiting from the U.S. He told us that he'll be the one to bring us trekking the next day down to the river that's flowing behind the farm. He generously lent us his portable WiFi dongle so we could go online before we sleep.

I worked on my laptop for a while but exhaustion finally overcame me and I huddled under the blanket and fell into a deep and restful sleep. I was awakened the next morning by a knock on the door saying we already had to go down to breakfast. The temperature was very cold because it was drizzling so I was grateful to have my trusty sweater to keep me warm.

After eating and bathing, it was time to go trekking! By then, the rain has stopped and we set out to hike towards the back of the farm. I thought I was fit enough but still found it very challenging to navigate the long way down the steep ravine. I relied heavily on the walking stick Geoff gave each of us as well as the vines and roots of the trees which helped made the journey easier.

The cool and rushing waters of the river became balm to our aching feet. I was thankfully wearing slippers and didn't have to take any shoes off like some of my companions did. We walked upstream and simply savored the beautiful morning, the quietness of the place, and the close encounter with nature. 

The trip back up was a bit torturous though. I found myself breathing heavily even before I reached the halfway point. Still, it was good exercise and I resolved that I will make it to the top no matter what. When I got a glimpse of the Bulwagan (a big pavilion), I almost ran the rest of the way because I knew there must be cold water waiting there. 

I was right! Aside from the refreshing drink, laden on a long table are various kinds of kakanin, fresh buko, and pansit bihon. It seemed that we all ate ravenously after the rigorous exercise we just had. After eating, we took a short rest at The Ruins before joining other visitors in touring more parts of the farm.

It was very fascinating to walk into a building where Ms. Gratchi grows mushrooms. Hundreds of bags were hung from the ceiling and sporting oyster mushrooms in various stages of growth. We helped harvest a few and were briefed a bit about how the delicious food items are grown. If you want to learn how to grow mushrooms, attend one of the seminars which Ms. Gratchi conducts at the farm. 

Apart from mushrooms, lots of vegetables and herbs are being grown in the garden outside. There are also different kinds of farm animals roaming around the area. We all laughed when Ms. Gratchi pointed out two goats they named Caldi and Rita (get it? kaldereta! LOL). 

We climbed up a slope and found ourselves in the obstacle course area where companies can hold team building activities. The view is very nice up there and we had fun trying out some of the rigging they set up. 

The day passed by very quickly, too fast it seemed, because soon after, dusk was falling and we had to head back to Manila. Our Gratchi's Weekend Getaway was fulfilling and left us with lots of happy memories. Hopefully, I'll get to visit there again soon and, this time, with hubby who's more the mountain climber slash over-all outdoor enthusiast between the two of us. I'm sure he would thoroughly enjoy the activities the place has to offer, especially the trekking part :)

For more information about Gratchi Farm Resort, check them out on Facebook or contact 09189109633.

* Some photos borrowed from my friends who have nicer cameras than I do :p

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