Monday, February 06, 2012

A Relaxing "Pamper Myself" Afternoon with Casmara Cosmetics

I'm not much into having facials done not because I don't like them, but because I really don't have a lot of time to schedule something at a salon or spa very often. When a fellow blogger, Daryll, invited me to a Sparty, I thought that would definitely be a welcome break from work and tried to fix my schedule so I could have a few hours of pampering for myself. I am so glad I came!

The treatments were done at a Diana Stalder branch in Makati. The place is really nice and look very professional. While waiting for my turn, I chatted with some of the people behind Casmara Cosmetics who shared that the brand is a Spanish professional cosmetics company based in Valencia, Spain. 

Casmara invented, and is the first to introduce, the "Original Algae Peel Off Mask" with a unique and tested application method on the face, eyes, and lips. The mask supplies a unique combination of ingredients that help the penetration of the active principles applied during a facial treatment done before the mask application.

For the facial, my therapist gave me the Absolute RT4 Retinol Treatment, a procedure that involves the applications of a high concentration of vitamins. It is said to reduce visible signs of aging by revitalizing the natural cell process and prevent wrinkle formation.

A cleansing cream/make up remover was first applied on my face and gently wiped away with cotton. Next, my eyes were covered with cool and yummy-smelling cucumber slices before my face was steamed for about five minutes. It felt really warm but I could imagine all my pores opening up and letting loose all the dirt that has accumulated on my skin. 

After that, the therapist applied a kind of antibiotic liquid to again cleanse my face. I opted not to undergo the pricking (of blackheads, I think) part because I am not too fond of needles. Next to be applied were the hot and cold compresses, vitamin serum, and vitamin cream.

All throughout the process, I appreciated it a lot that my therapist kept talking to me about what she's doing, what I should expect to feel, and also asked me if the temperature (of the steam) was just right. 

I saw her prepare the mask which was made using a kind of powder and a liquid I assumed was water (I forgot to ask). She warned me that it would be cold before proceeding to apply it on my face. I wasn't expecting my mouth and eyes to be covered as well but the coolness was very soothing. She left a small hole in front of my nose so I could breathe and instructed me to stay still for a few minutes until the mask sets.

I relaxed and almost fell asleep! Having the mask on was very refreshing. It's not only cool on the face, it has a very nice fragrance, too! After it was peeled off, I underwent light therapy to complete the process. When I got off the treatment table and looked in the mirror, I was really surprised and pleased to see my facial skin practically glowing. A friend of mine I met an hour later even commented my face looked "maaliwalas" (Sorry, I don't know how to translate that in English LOL).

My therapist wrapped the mask in a brown bag and instructed me to put it inside the ref when I get home then cover my face with the dull side up the next morning after I wake up. That was a great take home gift! By the way, I was given the Sensitive Mask for soothing sensitive and couperose skins. It has a unisex formula for all ages and can be applied any time of the year. It contains violet extract and oats to improve skin quality and firmness. Aside from being soothing, it also serves as a decongestant.

Daryll and me after our relaxing treatments
What's great about Casmara products is that they're plant-based and won't clash with other beauty products you are currently using. I asked them about that since I use an anti-aging cream on my face once in a while (when I remember to apply it :p).

If you want to see quick results without the pain, try having a Casmara facial and mask treatment. It's a really, really nice way to give yourself, or a loved one, a treat. For more info about the other treatments available as well as ongoing contests, check out Casmara Cosmetic Philippines' Facebook page as well as Diana Stalder by Dermaline's Facebook page

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