Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love was in the air in Zoocobia

I thought we were going to Subic when we were invited to Zoocobia. It turned out that this zoo is actually in Pampanga :p Perhaps the confusion stemmed from being more familiar with the Zoobic Safari name, another member of the Zoomanity group. Still, my friends and I had an awesome time in this very nice place.

We got there around 4 p.m. and, after eating huge hamburgers, we got to tour the area which has wide open spaces. First, we checked out the various animals housed in a big barn where we caught an ongoing performance of a dog showing off its tricks.

Cute llama that reminded me of Kuzco :)

We also had fun checking out the various birds in another part of Zoocobia. I love the cute little owl that keeps hiding its face. Good thing we still got a few shots of him when we made noise to get his attention. But it was too bad the sun has already gone down when we entered the Bird Thrill cage. Unlike our exciting experience in Paradizoo, we found out that the birds don't see very well when it's already dark so they stayed put in their perches.

The bird that did pay attention to us was the hungry ostrich which gamely fed out of our hands! My son, my friends, and I took turns wearing the glove given by the animal handler. Surprisingly, the experience was not scary at all despite my initial misgivings.

While we were having cocktails, we watched various performers showcase their talents. Aside from a parade/presentation of Zoocobia's animals, we were entertained by fire dancers, acrobats, and a live band, among others. 

The highlight of our visit though was the lighting of sky lanterns. Some of my friends wrote their wishes on pieces of paper and tied them to their lanterns. I was content just to let go of mine accompanied by a dream I really would like to come true this year. Let's see :)

We prepared to leave around 9 or 10 p.m. Tiredly but happily, we settled in the van for the trip back to Manila. Thanks to the Zoomanity group, we had another fun Saturday to remember :)

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