James and Phil Younghusband are the Faces of Aronamin Gold

I am not much of a football fan but the times I get to watch a game on TV, I marvel at the players' stamina because it must really require a lot of energy just to run to and from the ends of the field and still manage to make a goal. 

I tried running in a race once and I couldn't catch my breath before the first minute is up. Put me on a treadmill (or make me window shop inside a mall hahaha) and I could stride for 30 minutes or more straight; just don't make me increase the speed to a running pace. But, of course, I know endurance is built up over time and it helps if you take vitamins to keep energized all day.

The other day, members of the media got to take a peek into the active lives of Azkal players and brothers  James and Phil Younghusband. We were shown an Aronamin Gold TVC that showcases what they do when they are training and, at the same time, having fun. Aronamin Gold is described as the first and only active-form B vitamins daily supplement for individuals on the go.

During game season, the brothers share that they spend most of the entire day on football practices in between taking breaks for meals and getting enough rest. "We need to shape up in the days leading to a game so we do a lot of running, intense training, and plenty of fitness work," reveals James of their training regimen. Apart from playing for the Philippine National Team, Phil and James are in demand playing for Club Team, Loyola Meralco Sparks under the United Football League

Inherently active since they were kids, the Younghusbands are not just topnotch football players; they also train aspiring football players to be at their best. Having earned their European Union Football Association (UEFA) Coaching Licenses, the brothers founded The Younghusbands Football Academy (TYFA) and have also been busy advocating the promotion of football to the masses. 

Since 2010, the two have been visiting various provinces to create football awareness and the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle to students and public school teachers. Moreover, they also hold football clinics within Metro Manila and have a regular TV segment called Football Younghusband Instructional (FYI).

In their free time, Phil and James try to do other activities aside from football. "I want to be able to try everything at least once, so I play other sports like basketball, tennis, and swimming," says Phil. For both of them, balance is essential in maintaining their healthy and active lifestyle thus they pay attention to getting the right amount of exercise, enough sleep, and balanced diet to be able to do the things they enjoy doing. "Choosing the right multivitamins is also crucial because it helps keep me upbeat the rest of the day," describes James.

Both football players credit Aronamin Gold for helping them be at their best every day. "We take our supplements seriously because it is very important for us to maintain high energy levels. Luckily for us, Aronamin Gold suits our lifestyle," they affirm.The supplements are said to provide immediate, fast-acting results that last the whole day to combat physical and mental stress and fatigue.

Younghusbands share their upcoming activities

Aronamin Gold is available at selected South Star and Metro Manila Mercury Drug branches. Its suggested retail price is P13 per tablet. For delivery, call 634.3333.

* Photos borrowed from Orange Magazine TV's Facebook album

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