Thursday, December 08, 2011

wi-tribe Pure 4G Prepaid Internet Sticks Now Available at 7-Eleven

I don't know much about the technical features of internet sticks. I just use mine whenever I'm out of the house and need to go online using my netbook. My eldest son, the techie one, explained to me last month that 3G is the best thing at the moment when it comes to mobile phone connection features.

And then I encountered the term 4G during the wi-tribe press con. I researched online and this is what I read from "4G speeds are meant to exceed that of 3G. 3G technologies use a hybrid of circuit switching and packet switching. Circuit switching is a very old technology that has been used in telephone systems for a very long time. The downside to this technology is that it ties up the resource for as long as the connection is kept up. Packet switching is a technology that is very prevalent in computer networks but has since appeared in mobile phones as well. With packet switching, resources are only used when there is information to be sent across. The efficiency of packet switching allows the mobile phone company to squeeze more conversations into the same bandwidth. 4G technologies would no longer utilize circuit switching even for voice calls and video calls. All information that is passed around would be packet switched to enhance efficiency."

Hmmm, it's still a bit technical for me but I gathered that having 4G technology means faster speed :D

So, if you're often on the go and need a broadband stick that delivers fast connection, check out wi-tribe's Tri-Speed Pure 4G Prepaid internet sticks. These allow subscribers to surf at speeds of up to 6Mbps or for as low as P25 unlimited a day at 512 kbps (50% cheaper than mobile phone providers charge!). The internet sticks are available at 7-Eleven stores for P995. Each come with an extension cord (if you want to position your stick nearer the window, for example, for better signal) inside a very nice tumbler. 

wi-tribe, a partnership between San Miguel Corporation and Qtel Group, partnered with 7-Eleven because the strategic location of its stores has a wide coverage in Metro Manila. The first store to introduce 24-hour convenience shopping, 7-Eleven has now over 650 stores nationwide, caters to a wide market, and offers a vast array of products. 

At the moment, wi-tribe Pure 4G internet is exclusive to the Metro Manila area. For more information about wi-tribe's 4G broadband plans, please log on to or call 31-tribe.    

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