Friday, December 23, 2011

Movie Review: My Househusband: Ikaw Na!

Times have changed. These days, it's no longer practical for most Filipino families to expect just the husband to bring in the bacon. More often than not, moms have no choice but also take in full time jobs to support their families' necessities. 

Personally, it's not really an issue who gets to bring home more money. What's important is that the total family income can provide for everybody's needs and if circumstances come where the wife has to take in a full time job while the hubby stays at home, the guy should not be discriminated against just because the situation is not what most people consider as the norm.

The movie, My Househusband: Ikaw Na!, starring Ryan Agoncillo, Judy Ann Santos, and Eugene Domingo, was able to give audiences a glimpse into the lives of a family where the husband loses his job and his wife takes over the responsibility of earning for their needs. Although some of the scenarios felt a bit exaggerated, this film is mainly a comedy anyway and viewers would do well to focus on the movie's messages.

However, the truths discussed within the story, I believe, would resonate in many people's minds especially on the topics of marriage and partnership, compromises, extended families, friendship, and work ethics. Couples, most especially, would learn a thing or two that may make their relationship a lot better after they leave the cinema. 

Ryan Agoncillo played his role very well although some friends of mine and I felt that he could have been given a more dramatic scene that would really help him show the depth of his character like a solo shot where he'd let out all his frustrations at what has been happening in his life at the time. Maybe, just maybe, he'd have a better chance of bagging the Best Actor Award at the MMFF.

Judy Ann Santos performed effortlessly as the wife and mother who gets squeezed into a situation where she had to harness her strength and talents to pull her family out of their tight circumstances. 

Eugene Domingo, as expected, has once more shown her wonderful comedic timing and delivery of ultra-hilarious punch lines that had audiences rolling around in their seats. Her portrayal of a mistress and a BFF is quite unforgettable and would most likely stick with a lot of people for a long time. 

Do watch this very nice movie during its Metro Manila Film Festival run from Dec. 25 to January 7. It will not only make you laugh but also think and change your mind about looking past traditions and so-called societal rules that have become passe now that we're into faster-paced lives, higher standards of living, and high-tech environments.

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