Christmas Dome and More at Cheesecake, Etc.

I can't recall the last time I ate at Cheesecake, etc. so I don't remember having a particular favorite dish there. When a friend invited me to have lunch at the Glorietta branch recently though, I found myself enjoying what we ate. 

We started with the House Salad and I chose to have mine with the Asian dressing. I love the mix of greens, fruits, and nuts. I'd definitely come back for that one. I think I could finish two plates in one sitting if I don't eat anything else. 

House Salad - P175
Next, I dug into the Seafood Pasta which felt really heavy on the tummy. I could barely finish the bread that came with it. Although it has squid, mushrooms, olives, and shrimp, I would have loved to have more shrimp in there.

Seafood Pasta - P195
My friend opted for the Garlic Longganisa Pasta instead. 

Garlic Longganisa Pasta - P165
And then came the dessert -- a big slice of  Christmas Dome Cake made with berry forest cheesecake and white chocolate mousse with almond sponge decorated prettily on a white saucer. I'm not fond of chocolate cakes so this one is the perfect dessert for me. Too bad they only serve this during the Yuletide season. So catch it while it's being served at Cheesecake, etc. branches!

Christmas Dome Cake - P170/slice, P1200 whole
If you prefer other flavors, there are lots of mouth-watering sweets on display at the cake counter which you can choose from. Have a sweet Christmas season everybody! :)

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