Friday, December 30, 2011

Blogapalooza Freebie Review: A Visit to Sparkle Spa

When your work entails being in front of the computer almost 24/7 like mine does, chances are, you also often experience having aches and pains in your hands, arms, back, and butt. This is the reason why I love having a whole body massage every now and then because it rejuvenates my tired muscles and make them ready for work again.

Finally, I got to use the Sparkle Spa gift certificate I got from Blogapalooza! The establishment is not very hard to find. From Bicutan, you just take the left service road (going North) and stop at Robinson's Supermarket near Merville. Sparkle is located at the right side of the building. 

The place looks very nice and well-maintained. The ambiance is cozy and there's even WiFi! Although the theme is predominantly pink, they have services that guys can also avail. My hubby also had a massage while our eldest son (who plays the guitar) tried the foot and hand reflexology treatment.

On the first floor are seats for those who are availing their hair treatments. Upstairs are two comfy chairs for customers who want to have foot, hand, back, and head massages; and two beds for those who need their whole body pampered. 

Unlike other spas, Sparkle does not have any shower or sauna rooms. You get massaged immediately while soothing music play in the background. Their beds are comfortable and the masseuse responds politely when you tell her to adjust the pressure applied on your muscles. Moreover, the staff are friendly and will readily answer any questions you have about their services.

For a complete list of what Sparkle has to offer, please visit

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