Anuva Model Units Launched

Four months ago, SOC Land held a groundbreaking ceremony for its Anuva development project in Muntinlupa. You can read all about it in my blog post entitled "Redefining Standards in Affordable Condo Living"  here.

Last Tuesday, guests got to finally see how the property would turn out during the launching of Anuva's model units which have "an all-Filipino flavor" according to SOC Land VP Juan Miguel Reyes. He explained that it means "using as much as possible local consultants and talents as well as locally manufactured and sourced material." 

Each unit is said to be a showcase of a modern Filipino home built and designed by homegrown talents, reflecting the developer's emphasis on Filipino pride and the property development's most notable advantage -- generous spaces.

Speaking of spaces, Anuva will be providing 80% open space in the 2.4 hectare development while the units' squarish configuration will give future residents 50%  more frontage on either the hallway or the outdoors to give them a wider sense of space. 

Architect Brian John Mangio of N.S. Mangio & Associates, shared that square units are not typical because developers know that a bigger frontage means less sellable space on the same floor. "With Anuva, developer SOC Land is more than willing to sacrifice sellable space just to be able to offer something unique and with more value."

He further differentiated working on rectangular units vs. designing square units like Anuva's. "With a rectangular unit, we just work front to back with living, kitchen and dining, and bedroom areas lined up across the length of the space," he described. "Now, [elements] can be side by side, with the kitchen hallway, for example, forming part of the living area. The interiors are now more balanced."

The wide windows on the units mean natural ventilation on both bedroom and adjacent living room in the case of a one-bedroom unit. Outside the windows will be views of the Makati skyline on the north and Laguna's Mt. Makiling on the south. All units were designed with certain targets in mind: 

The studio unit will fit the requirements of young, single professionals. It has a minimalist theme with the use of a sofa bed that combines sitting and sleeping to help save space.

The one-bedroom unit will be perfect for newlyweds. It has a softer, more romantic space with a predominantly red color.

The two-bedroom unit will be great for families. It gives a lot of attention to kids' space as well as the living area. Interiors and furniture are even childproofed.

What surprised me was the presence of a sample competitors' rectangular unit which did look very narrow and has less space. Looking inside it made it easier to see why a squarish unit gives more space and value for money.

All model units can be viewed at the marketing office-cum-showroom that's housed at the moment in Anuva's 300 sq.m. commercial center located outside the development's entrance gate. The first of four tandem buildings will be ready for turnover by the end of 2012.

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