Rex Navarrete Reloaded

Three months ago, I finally met Rex Navarrete for the first time (read the blog post about it here) and watched him perform live. My husband and I, and some of our friends, enjoyed laughing throughout the show. I heard a lot of people were disappointed that Rex was only here for one night and they weren't able to catch the performance.

If you were one of them, you're in for a treat because Rex is back in Manila and will be performing once again next week, November 16 at the NBC Tent, and on November 25 in Cebu! (More info in the press release posted here).

Earlier today, several members of the online community met with Rex and his opening acts, Mike Unson and JB Dela Cruz at Commons, Manhattan Square in Makati. It was a fun afternoon because the three men answered questions candidly and made us all laugh with their quips.

JB, a corporate magician, showed us a really funny but very amazing trick which you have to see during the show. (Unless those who captured it on video would post in on YouTube first :p)  Mike, as usual, was a hoot especially when describing himself as a 30-something man who still lives with his parents. He has lots of amusing stories to tell around that topic alone. You have to watch these two guys do their stuff because they do know how to entertain audiences.

I asked Rex if Maritess (of the Maritess and the Superfriends fame) has plans of coming out of semi-retirement because I really want to see "her" perform but he told us to wait until the Avengers movie comes up. So I guess all we could do is wait and  anticipate another installment to the hilarious character's adventures. I just hope that it's going to be much sooner than later.

If you're familiar with his Pacquiao routine, you won't be surprised anymore that the Fil-Am comedian always has two seats available for Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao if they do decide to watch the show. Even President PNoy, he said, is welcome to come over. So, if you're chummy with any of those three, do tell them about the open invitation :)

Don't miss watching Rex Reloaded because we don't know when he would be coming back to perform in Manila again. Tickets are at P7,000 (with backstage pass), P5,000, P3,000, P2,000, P1500, and P750. They will be available only at Ticketworld locations and at and 891-9999. For sponsorship and block ticket purchase, please email or

Rex Navarrete is supported by Fox International, Zest Air, Aposento, Albergus Catering, Hong Kong Roast, and Card King.

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