Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pantene Hosts World-Class Hair Event with Barney Martin

Last November 24, celebrity stylist and Pantene Ambassador Barney Martin treated guests to an exclusive hair show and workshop at the Loft Manansala in Rockwell. The internationally-acclaimed hair master recreated timeless hairstyles on several models and shared the latest in hair trends straight from prominent international runways. Barney shared that achieving world-class hairstyles are only possible with a world-class conditioner.

rubbing elbows with Barney Martin
According to him, the new Pantene Intensive Conditioner makes it possible to achieve soft and smooth hair like what celebrities and models have. Tristan Patricio, Pantene Brand Manager, revealed what women around the world, including Filipinas, want. "We found out that even though women start their day with soft and smooth hair, it becomes dry, rough, and frizzy by the middle of the day. These women need a conditioner that will give them soft, smooth hair all day!"

Pantene Intensive Conditioners are described to have 80% more conditioning benefits so women can keep their soft and smooth hair down all day. "Pantene conditioner has a powerful combination of Pro-V science, which is exclusive to Pantene, and enhanced conditoning ingredients which create a protective layer for your hair. The result is soft and smooth hair that's truly world-class," illustrated Patricio.

Barney with Gretchen Barretto, host Sarah Meier, and fashion bloggers
Photo credit: Alex Dizon  
Barney Martin, who has already styled world-famous celebrities like Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore, added several Philippine fashion bloggers -- Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy, Patricia Prieto -- and Pantene Ambassador Gretchen Barretto to his long list of clients that night.

Like Gretchen and the bloggers, it is possible for every Filipina to get world-class hair and iconic hairstyles using the latest Pantene Intensive Conditioner. Trusted by international hair masters like Barney Martin, Pantene is said to help ladies achieve runway and red carpet-worthy 24-hour soft, smooth, and shiny hair all day.

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