Movie Review: Tower Heist

We, who work hard every day to meet our families' needs, could easily imagine how devastating it would be if everything we have saved up for years would disappear one day without warning. This is what happened in the movie Tower Heist to the employees of a high-end residential tower as they lose their pensions through Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda), a corrupt board member of the building.

Jason Kovaks (Ben Stiller), the ever-reliable building manager, decides to find and steal the US$20 million suspected to be hidden in Shaw's penthouse condo after he was tipped off by FBI agent Claire Denham (Tea Leoni). Kovaks assembles a group composed of fellow disgruntled employees: Charlie the concierge (Casey Affleck), Enrique the elevator operator (Michael Pena), and Odessa the housekeeper (Gabourney Sidibe) plus evicted tower resident and bankrupt Wall Street player Mr. Fitzhugh (Matthew Broderick).

What happens then when ordinary guys decides to pull off an extraordinary robbery?

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