Sunday, September 04, 2011

SM Master Chefs Cooking Marathon in SM Hypermarket Adriatico

Food, food, and more food! As basic as it is, food no longer just fills the role of something that we need in order to survive. 

Nowadays, food has evolved into different things for different people. We prepare food to celebrate an occasion, to express our creativity, or to simply have an activity that makes us happy. Just look at the numerous cooking shows on TV today and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that people look forward to learning new ways on how to prepare food and make it into something more palatable, more attractive, and more delicious.

SM Hypermarket recognizes this need and responds by initiating the SM Master Chefs program. Since July until this September, SM Master Chefs has been conducting a series of cooking demos that tour SM Hypermarket branches all over the Philippines. Highlighted in these events are a showcase of innovations in culinary products and cooking aids. 

Last September 1, I was invited to join the SM Master Chefs' cooking marathon leg at the SM Hypermarket Adriatico branch where Chef Arnold V. Bernardo showed guests how to create tasty and easy-to-make dishes using Bounty Fresh Chicken. It was a fun event because a lot of culinary students showed up and gamely interacted with the chef and the engaging host for the afternoon.

While we wait for the dishes to cook, an SM Hypermarket staff  member and a couple of students entertained the audience with song numbers. There was also a Q and A game where students who answered correctly got to bring home a pack of Bounty Fresh Chicken Nuggets. I found myself smiling at the carefree and lighthearted atmosphere that the young people brought to the venue.

Chef Arnold demoed a couple of tasty dishes called Thai Green Chicken Curry and Chicken and Cheese Casserole. Both tasted good!

In addition to the Cooking Marathon, there would be also be two other events comprising the Master Chefs program. One is the Kitchen Makeover where five lucky shoppers will get a chance to have their kitchen redesigned and furnished. Second are a series of Supersized Cook-off events to be set in five different locations where they will feature a regional dish each.

Check out the complete list of cooking demo schedules here to see if one will be held near you before the month ends. Foodies and cooking enthusiasts are encouraged to watch the demos and even get to taste some of the delicious dishes being prepared by the Master Chef of the day.
Bon Appetit!

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