OrangeMagazineTV's Awesome Bloggers' Blowout at Astrovision/Astroplus

I like attending events where I get to learn and appreciate a lot of new stuff. So I was glad to make it to Orange Magazine TV's list of guests to its first ever Bloggers' Blowout held in Astrovision/Astroplus Greenbelt 5 last Saturday.

I signed up for the tech group because I want to know the latest in gadgets that could enhance my music experiences. I'm so glad I did because I got to try some of today's coolest earphones that range from the affordable to the luxuriously high-end.

trying out a Pioneer headphone (red) and 
the wireless TDK-700
photo courtesy of Tatak Digitista

For example, we got to see the newest offerings of Pioneer headphones and earphones. Some are even made with different shades of leather! My favorite would have to be their line of brightly colored earphones that look like little fruits :) I fancy the Berry Red / Baie Rouge variant because the buds look really, really attractive.

I also got to test drive an Audio-Technica headphone that wraps nicely around the ears. Aside from the great sound it brings out, it's also comfortable to wear. According to the Audio-Technica representative who gave us the presentation, this is the number one headphone brand in Japan in 2009 and 2010. He also listed down some popular music personalities who are considered the faces of the brand. Among these are singers Jay-R, Kris Lawrence, Miguel Escueta, and Yael Yuzon, lead vocalist of the band Spongecola.

Next, we listened to the representative of Alexis Marketing, the exclusive distributor of the following:

1) Monster headphones - These is a cool and sleek line of audio equipment that are drool-worthy. Again, I was drawn to the red variant of Monster Beats by Dre Studio. There and then, I wished I could take it home with me. The white and black ones are equally very attractive. As to the sound, the Monster Beats emit melodies and voices clearly and fully because it has an active noise cancellation feature.

2) Aerial 7 headphones and earbuds - Headphones with a camouflage design was passed around for us to try. I liked how it seemed to adjust itself around my head and ears which make wearing it really comfortable. 

3) Bose audio headphones - We were told that all Bose headphones come with a patented differentiating technology called Triport acoustic structure which gives listeners deep bass sounds from a smaller enclosure as compared to conventional approaches. It has been said that Bose has a solution for every customer's needs. As proof of that, below is a simple table showing the differences in looks and prices of Bose products.

After a deluge of gadgets for listening that everybody was raring to try, we also took time to hear about a lot of stuff from Imation such as mouse, keyboards, and PC accessories.

What followed after that is also something I'd love to have for my own. It's the TDK-700 that, by far, is the most innovative gadget I've ever seen. This one is wireless! (I'm wearing it in the right side of the topmost photo of this post). With it, you just have to connect a small thingamajig on your music player (iPod, mobile phone, etc.) and voila! You'll get to hear your favorite songs and move around the house without the hassles of tangled cords. I can almost imagine using this while cooking dinner or loading clothes in the washing machine. If I have one, I wouldn't have to carry my iPod in my pocket (and get it in danger of getting wet) every time I have to work around the house! 

We weren't expecting a treat from TDK but they gave us in-ear headphones each! Thanks, TDK! Your gift is very much appreciated :)

The list of cool gadgets continued with a presenter from Jays Philippines, an exclusively headphones brand. The presenter showed us the different Jays lines: the v-Jays are powerful, dynamic, and lightweight headphones; the t-Jays are flexible earbuds that are comfortable to use even when you're lying down on your side; while the a-Jays have flat, tangle-free cords and come in attractive and durable cases.

Speaking of which, they raffled off the a-Jays series and my name was called for an a-Jays One! I tried it out when I got home and loved the clarity of sound. Thank you Jays Philippines!

The second to the last company/brand to present were people from Wow Karaoke who demoed to us how their products work. Among those they showed us were the Wow Fiesta (WF210) which is their most affordable variant priced at just over P5000; the wireless Wow Concerto Pro (TKR320); and the Wow Mabuhay Plus (TKR301) with two wired microphones and has six slots for song packs. Music lovers can buy the song packs separately with each having 300 stored songs per pack.

In addition, the Wow Mabuhay Plus has a mic that lets you record your own songs. You can even use your own photos as background to the songs while you and your family/friends are belting out your favorite tunes. If you're planing to get yourself a Wow Karaoke product, buy it from Astrovision because they are celebrating their 8th year anniversary so they are giving away 8% discounts on some of their merchandise. Oh, and thanks too for the Wow headphones! :)

Lastly, Katherine Choy and Jimmy Lim of Astrovision/Astroplus showed us how the Cyber Clean is able to remove dirt from various gadgets. It looks like a yellow sponge but is damp and a bit sticky when held. Some attendees used the sample for cleaning their cameras and cellphones but only one lucky guest got to bring home one.

All in all, the Bloggers' Blowout was a fun and educational event. We all left Astrovision/Astroplus with smiles on our faces not only because of the raffle prizes but also the anticipation of writing down what we saw, tested, and learned that afternoon.

Congratulations and thank you Orange Magazine TV for the invite (and for some of the photos I used in this blog post) and Astrovision/Astroplus for a successfully fun event. Thank you too to LG for providing the wide screen TV that made it a pleasure watch all the presentations in.

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