Movie Review: The Change-Up

Freaky Friday, Hot Chick, Like Father Like Son, Vice Versa, and Face Off are some of the movies I could recall where people switch souls or bodies. Although they have the same themes, each of them have memorable moments and characters that made them fun to watch anyway.

The Change-Up, starring Jason Bateman (Dave) and Ryan Reynolds (Mitch) is another entertaining movie where best friends accidentally switched bodies when they peed on a magic fountain and wished for each others' lives. Here, an accomplished lawyer and married father suddenly found himself in the body of his irresponsible buddy whose idea of a great day is to get high on drugs and star in low-budget porno movies.

Chaos ensues after the switch takes place as they try to perform each other's daily tasks with initially disastrous results. Pretty soon, they get the hang of pretending to be someone they are not and eventually find out more about themselves and each other's lives.

I enjoyed the acting of both Bateman and Reynolds. They are funny guys. Leslie Mann was cast well as Dave's long-suffering wife while Olivia Wilde plays Sabrina, Dave's bombshell legal secretary, who became Mitch's love interest towards the end.

Watch how the two friends got in and out of mischief and mayhem until they finally found a way to switch back to their own selves again. You will laugh at a lot of scenes but there are also touching moments when you'd appreciate being reminded of the value of friendship and family.

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