Globe Telecom: "You're On!" with m.globe

Many of us rely heavily on our cellphones. In fact, I left the house a couple of times in the past and really went back several kilometers just to retrieve my phones. Some of my friends had the same experiences and we agree that life, these days, can't seem to go on without getting our digital fixes throughout the day.

Globe Telecom addresses the increasing demand for innovative mobile services and recently launched an all-in-one mobile portal that will provide its subscribers the ultimate mobile web experience. 

m.globe is now available to all Globe subscribers for free* (if they use myGlobe Connect as access point). This mobile platform allows for easy and convenient browsing where users can surf their favorite internet sites through their phones instantly.

In addition, m.globe is designed to cater to the various browsing needs and habits of subscribers. For instance, prepaid users can get instant access to their load balance while postpaid users can check their billing charges. And since Facebook and Twitter is all the rage these days, there's also a Social Networking feature for the millions of users who access these websites every day. To get updates on the latest happenings, users can get also content from the News and Entertainment feature.

Aside from real-time updates, the m.globe portal enables subscribers to search content via Google as well as send and receive emails using their web mail accounts with the E-mail feature. Likewise, enjoy exclusive content such as live streaming of sporting events, movie clips and wallpapers, plus the most downloaded songs. You can also recommend your favorite sites to your friends for a complete mobile-surfing experience.

Do you hate remembering all those keywords and number prefixes when registering to Globe promos? The m.globe portal makes things easier because everything is already there! If you are an Android user, you can get a widget that allows optimum interaction. On the other hand, subscribers using Samsung Galaxy S II, Sony Ericsson Experia Arc, and other Android phones with OS2.1 onwards can enjoy the m.globe widget for free.

Data services can be availed using one of Globe's mobile browsing plans such as the PowerSurf 15 which charges P0.25 per minute, the Postpaid PowerSurf 99 which gives users 50MB of mobile data for P99, or the surf-all-you-want plan SuperSurf 999 that's good for a whole month's use. Just text SURF to 8888 for more details.

"You don't need a new or a high end smartphone to do mobile browsing," said Joanna Africa, Head for Portfolio Management of Globe. "Through m.globe, you can now search the web, share content, and keep in touch with your circle of friends all at the same time on your mobile phone, whenever and wherever."

To install the m.globe portal on your phone, text M.GLOBE to 2910 or visit on your mobile phone.

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