Book Reviews of Two CSM Titles

Last month, I posted a press release in my other blog about CSM’s (Church Strengthening Ministry) “Ito ang Pinoy” promo for the MIBF (Manila International Book Fair) happening this Sept. 14-18 at SMX Mall of Asia. They will be selling books at only 100 bucks each! More details about it here.

Drop by their booth (numbers 40-42) to check out lots of book titles that may help change your life for the better. Look for these two titles in particular: 

The Promised Child – This book has 46 easy-to-read Bible stories that kids would not find hard to understand. This can be used by Sunday School teachers in church or by mom and dad during family devotions. 

There is a discussion guide section that parents can read to help them fully maximize the book’s purpose. There’s also an Overview Chart that includes story titles, Bible truths for each story, applications or lessons to be learned, memory verses, Gospel connection, and a song list. 

Each story is about a page long. Right after that is a list of guide questions you can ask kids to find out if they understood the story. The Application part challenges readers how they can apply what they learned in their own lives. Aside from a Memory Verse, there’s also a specific prayer concern indicated in the Prayer Time section. 

The book includes a CD of songs. There are certain songs recommended for certain stories. In addition, an Optional Activity encourages kids’ creativity through arts and crafts they could make to reinforce the recent story’s lessons.

The Heart of the Economic Crisis – This handy book was written by trainer and speaker Rene Resurreccion, bestselling author of Called to Excel. Here, he discusses that the Bible teaches a pattern of thought and behavior for people who will thrive and succeed in the midst of crisis. 

As a contributing writer for a finance magazine, it is also my personal advocacy to help people understand the importance of savings and investments to ensure a good future. Thus, I believe that this book would help enlighten readers who, up to now, haven’t realized why they can’t seem to get out of debt and other avoidable financial obligations. 

This small but information-packed book is not only filled with Biblical and modern day stories that readers would be able to relate to but also contains statistics on the economy to show people why and how it is possible to get out of a life filled with debts to a life that follows a cycle of blessings that will continue even if the country, or the world, is faced with another economic crisis.

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