Blogapalooza Freebie Review: Tasty Snacks from Leslie's!

One of the snacks I've always enjoyed since childhood is Leslie's Clover Chips. I think I'll never outgrow the fondness for those cheesy and crunchy chips. I also like to eat potato chips and oftentimes try different brands for variety.

Last Blogapalooza, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a big bag from Leslie's. I thought my favorite Clover Chips would be inside but I'm still happy about the contents. 

My kids and I enjoyed trying out the four different flavors of Farmer John's  Premium Potato Chips. It's actually hard to choose just one flavor because everything is light and crispy and flavorful! It's said to be made from the freshest and finest imported, farm-grown potato. No wonder the smell alone would already make potato chip lovers drool.

Then there's Real American Chicharrones from Wild Willy's. My bubble thought then was, "Americans like chicharon? I thought they prefer jerky?" LOL. Anyhow, grab a bag or two of these the next time you're in the supermarket and check out this very tasty and crunchy variant.

 As usual, Leslie's did not disappoint in offering consumers some of the tastiest snacks you'd ever taste. But don't just take my word for it. Buy some and see for yourself :) 

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