Restaurant Review: Stacy's in Greenstreet, Capitol Golf City, QC

I've just discovered a very nice restaurant on top of a small hill in Quezon City. Being in Greenstreet, a commercial establishment in Capitol Golf City, made us feel like we were in Tagaytay because it overlooks part of Metro Manila!

Located right after climbing up the wide stairs is Stacy's, a lovely restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. It has an ambiance that feels very light and airy. The interior is predominantly white with splashes of pastel colors that made everything very pleasing to the eyes. Among the many subtly-colored decorations, my favorites are the pink refrigerator and the pink, flowered chair near the entrance.

Parents who will eat there with their kids would be glad to know that there's a white picket-fenced "garden" where children can read comic books or take care of the "plants". Aside from the adult-sized tables and chairs in the main dining area, there are also a couple of tables to seat little guests comfortably.

Stacy's offer a lot of tasty offerings, it would be hard to choose which is the most delicious of them all. I've tried several dishes and enjoyed eating them all. Here are some samples. Look at the shape of the rice! :) 

Herbed Cream Dory Fillet
with Aioli Dip - P175 

Homebaked Chicken Parmesan - P190

While you are waiting to be served, your table will also get to have a complementary mug of treats  containg popcorn, marshmallows, and pretzels (with the purchase of a meal).

After filling ourselves up with the rice and pasta meals, my friends and I also got to taste three of Stacy's lip-smacking desserts. One of the slices is pretty special because the staff thoughtfully decorated it for Juan Manila who was celebrating his birthday that day!

 Bailey's Choco Cake, Devil's Food Cake 
and Sansrival 

The next time I visit Stacy's I'll make sure to also try the other mouthwatering-looking cakes there.

My friends and I also got to meet two of the owners who chatted with us about the place. "Who's Stacy?" I wanted to know. It turned out that the name was derived from Anastacia. "She was my grandmother. I call her Stacy when I make lambing," relates Angelique Castro with a smile. What a very nice tribute to someone you love!

I recommend Stacy's for families who are looking for kid-friendly restaurants because this is definitely one. You can hold various parties here and be guaranteed that everyone will have a good time.

Check out Stacy's at Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center, 1 Capitol Hills Drive, 1101 Quezon City. For a complete list of food offerings, check out their Facebook page and look for the photo album that contains their menu. You can also reach them at 02.9526843 /0927.3262244 / 0933.4427661 / 09178472229 and at

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