Party Activities Galore with Hue've Got Paint!

Parties these days are more lavish than what I remember during my younger days. Still, the added elements usually make for more fun and memorable moments. It's nice when guests can bring home precious mementos such as key chains, magnets, or tumblers with one's photo on them. There are also those photo booths that everyone loves lining up for.

Hue've Got Paint not only offers art workshops but also manages events where people can choose from various fun services that will make their parties unforgettable. Some of the things you can get include Onsite Photo Souvenirs like photo tumblers, acrylic keychains, acrylic photo pins, photo magnets, and printed photos. View this document for the complete rates.

Hue've Got Paint also has food carts with staff for renting. Click here for more details.

Too, you can hire someone to do caricature paintings of your guests, paint body art, put on henna tattoos, or give kids a makeover. For a more interactive event, young guests can get involved in arts and crafts activities such as making bracelets, learning decoupage, bottled sand art, etc. See more details of these services here.

For inquiries and bookings, please contact Jinkee Reyes at 0917-8081231, 0908-2310951, or 555-1615. You can also visit their website for more info.

* Hue've Got Paint is a network of artists, event coordinators, teachers, stage performers and workshop facilitators who have been planning events, themed parties, theatrical performances, drama productions, cultural shows, art caravans, children and youth camps for the past years. They banded together to offer art-related, alternative activities that offer creative and independent thinking.
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