Sunday, August 07, 2011

Jollibee's Healthy and Yummy Chicken Nugget Crunchers are Here!

Parents and kids were given a great opportunity to go on a fun hunt in Jollibee's Quest for the Golden Nuggets last August 6 at the Ronac Art Center in Ortigas. There, we (yes, even moms and dads!) got to play various games to help our teams advance towards the middle of the giant human board game.

My son and I were given green shirts after we registered while some of our friends got blue, yellow, and red shirts which meant we had to play in different teams.  Still, the jolly camaraderie among everyone made that Saturday morning a time of pure enjoyment and the shirts added to the already colorful environment.

We cheered our teammates as well as members of the other teams. Some kids got to jump on the big trampoline to gather flags. Other played the Jollibee trivia game. There was also a Pictionary type game where one kid would draw something on a large piece of paper and the teammates would have to guess what it is.

The yellow team got to the prize first which is the Golden Key that would unlock the mystery treasure chest and reveal the golden discovery. What was it? A huge box that represents Jollibee's newest yummy offering: the Chicken Nugget Crunchers that offers the best of both worlds -- flavor and fun in a healthier package!

Celebrity moms Christine Jacob Sandejas, Patricia Hizon, Lexi Schulze, and Romina Urra-Gonzalez, and their children also participated in the various challenges.

It's amazing how the venue was transformed into a huge play land. Jollibee once again made sure that their guests would definitely enjoy the activities. There was a photo booth as well as talented artists who drew very nice caricature drawings of each attendee. I also loved how the organizers placed "treasure chests" filled with gold-wrapped candies and chocolates on each table.

The new Jollibee Chicken Nugget Crunchers are made of seasoned tender chicken and carrot bits and are fortified with Vitamin A for healthier eyesight. Each box comes with a sweet barbecue sauce that is perfect for dipping.

Children can now enjoy this healthy and tasty treat in a Jollibee Kids Meal complete with rice, regular-sized softdrink, and the featured collectible toy for only P98. The Chicken Nugget Crunchers can also be ordered solo for P75; as a value meal with rice and and regular-sized softdrink for P99; or with regular fries and regular-sized softdrink for P110.
If you haven't tasted the nuggets yet, head to the Jollibee branch nearest you and order for dine-in, take-out, or drive-thru. You can also call the Jollibee Express Delivery hotline at 8-7000 or log on to

*Photos borrowed with permission from Jeman V. of OrangeMagazineTV
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