Behind-the-Scenes: Somedaydream’s Music Video Shoot of “Delivery Boys”

I support OPM (Original Pilipino Music) and admire a lot of Filipino music artists especially those who not only can sing but also those who compose songs as well as play various instruments. 

Last April, I was invited by a friend to join them at the music video launching of a new artist. I had no idea what to expect but, music lover that I am, gamely went with them. I was glad I did because I found Somedaydream’s music really good. Here’s the link to that blog post here and another post here about the acoustic version of the song, Hey Daydreamer, and Somedaydream's t-shirt launching event at Astroplus.

The next time I saw Somedaydream perform again was during the Yahoo! OMG Awards press con last June. A few days after that, I was assigned by my editor to find a young celebrity to feature in CodeRED magazine (article to come out in September). So I arranged an interview with Rez Toledo and his manager Champ Lui Pio (former vocalist of Hale). Our chat turned out so well, I was also able to write two articles about Champ; one for CodeRED and another for MoneySense magazine (Champ’s feature can be found in the July-Aug 2011 issue with Christian Bautista on the cover).

Last month, Somedaydream’s second single entitled Delivery Boys started playing in various radio stations. I caught it once and loved the sound. It has a mix of English and Tagalog words and has an inspiring message that talks about happiness, joy, and love.

To set the record straight (since this blog has been getting hits for search keywords like “who is the vocalist of Somedaydream” and “who are the members of the band Somedaydream”) and help make it easier for some readers to understand, Somedaydream is a one-man electronic pop act a.k.a. Rez Toledo, a very talented 20-year-old Ateneo student. 

Rez released his 1st single "Hey Daydreamer" a few months ago which sky rocketed to number 1 on music channels and different radio stations. He is set to release the music video of his 2nd single "Delivery Boys" next week, Aug 28 (Sunday). I’m looking forward to watching the new MV especially after seeing the behind-the-scenes photos Champ sent me the other day. I've posted a few here but you can check out the rest of all those nice pics at this blog’s Facebook page.

*Somedaydream is managed by Mecca Music, an Indie Record Label which aims to uplift the local music industry by introducing new artists with a different sound.
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