Monday, July 18, 2011

Somedaydreams' Radio Tour Promoting "Delivery Boys"

I had the pleasure of interviewing Somedaydream a few weeks ago for an article I was writing on young celebrities. I found Rez Toledo very talented (he composes, plays, and sings his own songs!) and  he seems very down-to-earth. He's also a very nice young man with sensible ideas.

Just sharing that Somedaydream is coming out with his latest single called Delivery Boys and he's having a radio tour this week! Catch him at the following stations and time slots:

Monday (July 18) 1:30 pm - The Big Meal with CJ and Suzy (Magic 89.9)

Monday (July 18) 5:00 pm - The Awesome Twosome with Gino and Fran ( RX 93.1)

Tuesday (July 19) 8:00 am - Hillary and Scotty Show (Jam 88.3)

Tuesday (July 19) 3:00 pm - Andi9 and Jessica (Magic 89.9)

Wednesday (July 20) 11am - 12pm - With Mister V (Mellow 94.7)

Wednesday (July 20) 3:00pm - The Showdown with Sasha and Suzuki (Jam 88.3)

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