Sunday, July 24, 2011

Alamid Coffee Now Available at The Frazzled Cook

I've heard a lot about Alamid Coffee before. I even saw an episode of Oprah where the famous host took a sip of the famed brew. I have also wondered if I would be adventurous enough to drink something made from beans excreted by civet cats :p I finally had an opportunity to find out.

A few days ago, several friends and I were invited to experience drinking the rare and exclusive Alamid Coffee at The Frazzled Cook Restaurant located at 916 Luna Mencias St. Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City. We were told that Alamid Coffee, "processed" in the tummies of Philippine civets, are way exceptional than those found in other Asian countries.

There, we joined a ceremonial "coffee toast" that formally sealed the partnership between The Frazzled Cook and The Alamid Coffee Xpress.

As someone who doesn't regularly drink coffee, I honestly found the brew bitter but my husband, who's a coffee drinker, found the taste unique. I guess I should have asked for some cream and sugar instead of trying to drink the coffee black. Anyway, several of the guests agreed that the beverage goes down the throat more smoothly compared to other coffee variants.

Maxene Magalona drinking Alamid Coffee

If you're a coffee aficionado, here's one good place where you can have a cup or two of Alamid Coffee. The restaurant has a cozy, homey ambiance. Watch their video to know more what else they offer.

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