I like stories where seemingly weak people find ways to overcome their limitations. Captain America is one such tale that oozes inspiration and encouragement. It tells the story of Steve Rogers, a sickly, thin, and short guy with a big heart. Despite being rejected again and again for enlisting in the US Army, Steve wasn’t one to give up easily. He genuinely would love to serve his country.

Thankfully, a scientist who’s working on a military experiment to create super soldiers saw Steve’s potential. After another test of character, the tiny man was chosen to become the first to receive serum injections to make him bigger and stronger.

Unfortunately, the scientist was killed before he could inject a whole army and Steve became his only creation. Watch the movie to know how an ordinary soldier became the first American superhero.

It’s amazing how the visual effects team were able to make Chris Evans look like a weakling. I couldn’t see any flaws in the movements between the head and the body! I remember being amazed at Brad Pitt’s transformation into a teenage version of himself in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button but that was such a short clip compared to the many scenes in Captain America where the skinny Chris appeared.

The illusion was so believable; it made it doubly jaw-dropping when the real Chris Evans appeared as the newly-improved Steve Rogers. I’m satisfied with his performance as Captain America although I heard some discontent from a few Marvel fans that Chris shouldn’t have been cast in the role because he was also Torch in the Fantastic Four and that Torch is also an Avenger. No complaints in that department from my end. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no reason why the producers can’t get a new actor to play Torch if they decide to bring him out again in the big screen.

Anyhow, let me just say how I enjoyed watching Tommy Lee Jones crack satirical jokes with his signature poker face. His delivery of punch lines are really funny! As to Hugo Weaving, I commend him for playing Red Skull really well. The Matrix antagonist shows yet another facet to his versatility as a villain.

It’s moreover cool that Howard Stark appeared in the picture which ties up his and, eventually, his son’s connections with the SHIELD.

I find the ending a bit sad though. Find out why when you watch the movie. Oh, and don’t forget to stick around after the credits! In true Marvel comics-to-screen adaptations, there is a sneak peek that you should definitely see :)

Most people know Judy Ann Santos Agoncillo as a certified box-office and award-winning actress. After all, she has played good roles in many successful movies. But aside from this accomplishment, Juday considers being a wife and mother her best roles yet. Behind the lights and cameras is a devoted family woman who loves spending quality time with her husband and kids.

Her image as a fulfilled wife and mom is very much evident when we see her in many TV commercials as she gets chosen to endorse products that are perfectly suited for her and her brood. She admits that her family inspires her to provide them with the best care she could which, in turn, also gives her the utmost happiness.

And since her family is at the top of Juday’s priorities, she makes sure to come home as early as possible after work and to be there for her daughter and son when they need her. “[It’s] hard to leave the house and spend time away from my loved ones,” she admits adding that making decisions is tougher nowadays because they will have a big impact on her family and children.

Juday shares that there is one choice that she is very happy about and that is trusting Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath to take care of Yohan and Lucho’s skin. She says she has loved the Johnson & Johnson brand for years and is glad that she shares the company’s commitment to giving the best skin care for kids.

I also use J&J products on my kids and love the smell of all milk bath variants as well as many of Johnson’s colognes and lotions. I am not surprised that younger moms like Juday also choose to have J&J as a partner in raising children with healthy skin. “Just like how it took care of my skin while growing up, it takes such good care of Yohan and Lucho’s skin, so I’m definitely gonna keep using Johnson’s!”  says the multi-talented mom who  has has been making the right choices and is giving the best care possible for the people she loves.

To see Juday and family's new TV commercial and know more about Johnson's Baby Milk Bath, please visit my other blog.

It was my first time to attend Cinemalaya and I am so grateful to my friend Vernie for passing on to me her extra VIP passes that allowed us to watch as many movies as we liked. Unfortunately, we got the beautifully-designed, ATM-type cards one day before Cinemalaya closed so we scrambled last Saturday to catch whatever we could.

I arrived at CCP around 5 p.m. Thankfully, Ang Babae sa Septic Tank, a movie I’ve already heard so much about, was showing past 6 p.m. Vernie and I lined up and thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie within a movie. Eugene Domingo is sooooo good! I had tears streaming from my eyes from laughing so hard at several scenes. The script is not only well-written, the supporting cast also did a great job portraying the misguided filmmakers (JM De Guzman, Kean Cipriano, and Cai Cortez) who wanted to create an Oscar-worthy indie movie. 

After the lights went on, we bumped into Eugene herself and Roderick Paulate who both graciously posed with us for pictures.

Vernie and I grabbed a quick dinner at Harbor Square before heading back to CCP to see what else we could watch. We ended up seeing i-Libings starring Glaiza De Castro who is really turning out to be quite a good actress. Among all the scenes in that film, I like Isabel’s parting shot during her father’s wake. Sometimes, we really have to say out loud what we feel so that other people would also learn to open their eyes to the truth. 

We wanted to stay and see Zombadings but it was slated for a 12:15am showing which is too late for a couple of moms with families to go home to like us. And so Vernie and I parted ways, happy to have bonded over something that we both liked doing: watch noteworthy movies.

The next day, Sunday, I planned to go back in the morning to catch at least one of the films featuring shorts. However, my late night foray made me wake up later than usual. I vowed to catch at least one of the 2 p.m. films though and tagged my husband along. We were able to watch Isda starring Bembol Roco and Cherry Pie Picache. Although I found the story quite far-fetched, I admired the superb acting of the cast which included Rossana Roces, Anita Linda, and Evelyn Vargas.

Since we were already there, hubby and I decided to stay and watch the Awarding Ceremonies which was hosted by Paolo Bediones and Angel Aquino. By chance, some of the cast and crew of Ang Babae sa Septic Tank sat behind us so hubby was able to take this photo of John Lapuz, Eugene Domingo and Kean Cipriano.

As the winners were announced one by one, I was among those who cheered loudly when Eugene was called to receive the Best Actress award. She really deserved it. I was also glad that Bembol Roco was named Best Actor

I just regret not being able to watch the other exemplary films such as Amok, Patikul, Walang Katapusang Kwarto, Busong, Nino, Bisperas, etc. Hopefully, next year, I’d be able to start my Cinemalaya journey earlier :)

Ballet Philippines (BP), now on its 42nd season, will once again mesmerize audiences with classical and contemporary dances featuring some of the country's most talented ballet dancers.

This coming August 12 to 14, there will be a re-staging of Agnes Locsin's Encantada which was initially premiered in 1992. It is a story about man's destruction of the environment set in the country during the Spanish colonial era. BP's principal dancer, Candice Adea, as the Encantada, mesmerized us with a hauntingly beautiful number during the press conference. She is so graceful! I am not surprised to find out that she recently received awards at the First Boston International Ballet Competition along with Jean Marc Cordero, who plays the Estranjero in Encantada.

Watch out for the September show entitled Inamorata which will showcase the many faces of women, love, dance, and art (September 23 to 25); December's show which is Sleeping Beauty (December 2 to 11); and February 2012's show called Wagas, the retelling of Mandaluyong's legend.

For tickets, log on to Ticketworld www.ticketworld.com.ph or call (2) 891-9999. For other details, please get in touch with Ballet Philippines at (2) 551-1003, (2) 345-6601 or visit www.balletphilippines.org.

I've heard a lot about Alamid Coffee before. I even saw an episode of Oprah where the famous host took a sip of the famed brew. I have also wondered if I would be adventurous enough to drink something made from beans excreted by civet cats :p I finally had an opportunity to find out.

A few days ago, several friends and I were invited to experience drinking the rare and exclusive Alamid Coffee at The Frazzled Cook Restaurant located at 916 Luna Mencias St. Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City. We were told that Alamid Coffee, "processed" in the tummies of Philippine civets, are way exceptional than those found in other Asian countries.

There, we joined a ceremonial "coffee toast" that formally sealed the partnership between The Frazzled Cook and The Alamid Coffee Xpress.

As someone who doesn't regularly drink coffee, I honestly found the brew bitter but my husband, who's a coffee drinker, found the taste unique. I guess I should have asked for some cream and sugar instead of trying to drink the coffee black. Anyway, several of the guests agreed that the beverage goes down the throat more smoothly compared to other coffee variants.

Maxene Magalona drinking Alamid Coffee

If you're a coffee aficionado, here's one good place where you can have a cup or two of Alamid Coffee. The restaurant has a cozy, homey ambiance. Watch their video to know more what else they offer.

I can barely eat a whole quarter pounder sandwich unless I’m really, really ravenous. It goes beyond my imagination how some people could finish eating a sandwich that’s four times the size of a regular quarter pounder but, apparently, there are brave souls who could!

I had the chance to see for myself what a subwich and a slabwich look like at Chuck’s Deli in Eastwood Mall and they ... are ... HUGE! Those with big appetites and those who love sharing food with friends would love this establishment!

According to Chef Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara, they put up Chuck’s Deli because her husband, Marco, who grew up in California, was frustrated at the lack of good sandwich places in Manila. “In the U.S., a sandwich is already a meal in itself but Filipinos treat sandwiches only as merienda,” she explained.

“Who’s Chuck?” we asked. “No one; we just wanted a fun, friendly, American-sounding name that’s easy to remember. She merrily adds, “We actually tried calling our dog Chuck, but he won’t respond to it.”

The branch in Eastwood has a casual and laid-back ambiance. I love how they serve all the sandwiches on wooden cutting boards lined with paper. Customers are encouraged to eat using their hands the way sandwiches should be eaten.

We were first served with the Philly Cheese Steak subwich that’s almost a foot long. It contains beef, American cheese, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms. It’s very tasty and I’m sure my kids would also like it.

Philly Cheese Steak - P295

We also got to try the French Kiss slabwich made with corned lengua, sauerkraut and a garlicky horseradish spread. I don’t normally like eating lengua but this one got two thumbs up from me.

French Kiss - P195 (half), P345 (whole)

Our second slabwich was the popular The Buffy made with boneless Buffalo chicken and garlic sauce. I was warned that it’s spicy so I just took a tiny bite. What’s amazing is that there are already people who have finished a Buffy in less than 5 minutes! They have their names displayed on the wall of fame as proof that they have conquered Chuck’s challenge and ate The Buffy within the required time frame. 

The Buffy - P255 (half), P445 (whole)

The reward? Aside from your name on the wall, you’ll get the Buffy for free + a limited edition t-shirt! So if you think you’re up to the challenge, head over to either the Eastwood or the Serendra branch soon!

Chuck's Challenge: Slay the Buffy!

Now, back to the food, we were next served the Chorizo Burger, which is also spicy so I declined to have a taste.The guys liked it though.

Chorizo Burger - P225

On the other hand, I heartily sampled the Faking Duck, a peking-style inspired slabwich that’s filled with roast pork, lettuce, hoisin sauce, leeks and crispy noodles. I can’t decide up to now if this,  the French Kiss, or the Philly Cheese Steak, tops my favorite sandwich of the night.

Faking Duck - P185 (half), P335 (whole)

Last, but not the least, we also tried a half slab of The Pilgrim that has white roast turkey meat, stuffing, cranberry jelly and gravy -- also a yummy treat.

The Pilgrim - P255 (half), P445 (whole)

Each sandwich, by the way, come with home-made chips, onion rings, or fries prepared using fresh ingredients which probably made them some of the best I’ve tasted in a long time. Chef Katrina, who studied at the Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, shared that they half bake the bread at the commissary. Once a customer orders, the bread is popped into the oven to complete the baking process.

I am glad that I was with hubby and a couple of friends to share the sandwiches with. It made chomping down all those goodies more fun. Besides, they have bigger appetites than I do although we still had leftovers to bring home.

Hubby and I are planning on bringing the kids to Chuck’s Deli soon. My boys would definitely love sampling all those wonderful flavors. Next time, I also want to try out the California Waki which has kani, mango, egg, lettuce, and wasabi mayo! For a Japanese food lover like me, that sounds really delicious.

Check out Chuck’s Deli at their Serendra and Eastwood branches. They are open from 11am to 10pm everyday. If you want to have their big sandwiches delivered, call Quick Delivery at 2121212. For more info, email chucksdeliserendra@gmail.com or call 576.4210 / 846.1734 / 0923.3986378 / 9000503 / 4511163 / 0933.4418622

For more photos, please visit this blog's Facebook page.

Laugh all your cares away this weekend. If you want to have a good time at the movies, don't (and I mean DON'T!) fail to catch Bridesmaids because it is one of the funniest films you're gonna see this year. I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard over punch lines!

Bridesmaids will have you rolling around in your seats with barely enough time to catch your breath. Promise! My seatmates and I (who happened to be males) hadn't stop chortling before another fit of guffaws would hit us thanks to the perfect comedic timing, dialogues, and actions of the two-thumbs-up cast.

For the guys, don't be deceived by the predominantly pink and white poster you'll see in cinema lobbies. This is not the usual chick flick that only your wives/girlfriends/sisters would appreciate. I guarantee that you will enjoy watching it as much as they did. Not yet convinced? Read my husband's review of the movie here

Please stand by for my full-length review to be uploaded at HerWord.com soon.
Edit July 25: Review's now up here.

Find out how the Bridesmaids' writer and lead actress ticks. Read a Q and A with Kristen Wiig here and another Q and A with Rose Byrne, who plays Helen in movie, here.

Edit: Aug 18, 2011 - My Seussical Review is now up at HerWord.com. Please visit the site to find out more why you should watch this delightful musical.

Get ready to witness one of the most colorful and lively musicals you'll ever see live on stage! Don't fail to catch Seussical starting August 13 at Onstage, Greenbelt 1 in Makati. This is presented by Repertory Philippines' Children's Theater.

Whether or not you're familiar with Dr. Seuss books and their memorable characters like Horton the Elephant and The Cat in the Hat, you'll definitely enjoy this show. I got to see a sneak peek of some of the musical numbers and found the songs really, really good. Tap your feet along to pieces like "Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!" and "Biggest Blame Fool" then sit back and savor the beauty of the melodies and lyrics of "Alone in the Universe" and "Solla Solew".

Seussical stars some of the best Philippine theater performers as well as new ones who show a lot of promise. Together, they create a heart-warming story of love, loyalty, and caring as well as the main message of the boundless possibilities of "thinking".

Kids and kids-at-heart would enjoy being reminded that everybody is important in this world and that possibilities are only limited by one's imagination. 

Tickets for August 13 at 10:30 am, August 14 at 2:30 pm, August 20 at 10:30 am, August 21 at 2:30 pm and August 28 at 2:30 pm are now on sale. For reservations, call REP at 5716926 or 5714941.

Most of us are already familiar with Power Mac Center (PMC) as the place where one can buy Apple products and accessories. Now, it's more than a store where you can shop for gadgets. 

PMC recently launched its Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC) in Greenbelt 3 which made the local Apple Authorized Reseller the first to receive the internationally recognized certification to offer IT Track courses in the country. The AATC, which has Apple Certified Trainers, offers hands-on Apple certification programs and exams for creative and IT professionals looking to establish their expertise and better market their skills in the field of digital technology. Aside from those, PMC also offers non-certification courses to groups and individuals who want to learn or expand their know how on Mac OS basic and pro applications.

Before, Filipinos  had to go out of the country just to take Apple Certification courses. "We are pleased to provide our local customers access to Apple Certification programs which they could only previously avail with costly overseas trips," expressed Maleng Raysag, PMC's Training and Education Manager.

"With Mac becoming more popular in local industries and professions, the AATC certification [becomes] a unique opportunity for Power Mac Center to further bring global competence to the Filipino Mac user," pronounced Joey Alvarez, PMC Marketing Manager.

During the launch, we were given a brief presentation on the courses offered by Apple Certified Trainers Andrew Lizardo and Marianne Villeza. We also learned more about Aperture, Apple's professional photography application, from Gunther Deichmann, a world-renowned photographer who's also an Apple Certified Trainer.

"The globally acknowledged AATC certification speaks of Power Mac Center's continued investment in the talents of its people," said Alvarez. "It further raises the level of commitment of all our employees to a truly reliable and outstanding service as demostrated by the global Apple workforce."

For the complete list of Apple Certification and Non-Certification Courses offered at Power Mac Center's AATC, please visit http://training.powermaccenter.com

I’ve never considered myself the sporty type. Growing up, I was content to read books and listen to music most of the time. I didn’t like P.E. much except when they involved board games or swimming. I get tired easily and prefer not to exert myself physically.

When my husband got into running as a form of exercise a couple of years ago, I initially accompanied him during his runs around the village next to ours. He’d circle the looping road on a run while I leisurely walked my way around. Eventually, I stopped coming along because it has been taking a lot of my time from finishing my writing deadlines.

I thought I got off easily … until hubby started joining real runs. He has been on three races already when I got an invite from Pep Squad Events to join the Pocari Sweat Run a couple of weeks ago. He encouraged me to give it a try since there would be a 3km course. I hesitantly agreed but wasn’t that confident of my ability to finish a race. Soon after, he excitedly got us our race kits and, despite my misgivings, I no longer had a chance of backing out.

Five days before the race, I found myself “training” along a looping road in Filinvest Alabang that has been closed to traffic. Surprisingly, it was teeming with runners and walkers alike that windy Tuesday afternoon. Hubby has measured the distance months ago using the motorbike and he said one full loop measures 1.5km.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Somedaydream a few weeks ago for an article I was writing on young celebrities. I found Rez Toledo very talented (he composes, plays, and sings his own songs!) and  he seems very down-to-earth. He's also a very nice young man with sensible ideas.

Just sharing that Somedaydream is coming out with his latest single called Delivery Boys and he's having a radio tour this week! Catch him at the following stations and time slots:

Monday (July 18) 1:30 pm - The Big Meal with CJ and Suzy (Magic 89.9)

Monday (July 18) 5:00 pm - The Awesome Twosome with Gino and Fran ( RX 93.1)

Tuesday (July 19) 8:00 am - Hillary and Scotty Show (Jam 88.3)

Tuesday (July 19) 3:00 pm - Andi9 and Jessica (Magic 89.9)

Wednesday (July 20) 11am - 12pm - With Mister V (Mellow 94.7)

Wednesday (July 20) 3:00pm - The Showdown with Sasha and Suzuki (Jam 88.3)

For more updates visit meccaph.com and follow Somedaydream on Twitter

The Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc. (AFFI) will be holding the 10th Filipino Franchise Show this coming July 21 – 24, 2011 at the World Trade Center from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Entrance fee is P100 per person. I'm giving away 60 tickets (maximum of 4 tickets per person worth P400) courtesy of My Village Choice magazine. You can claim them this coming Tuesday (July 19) from 3-4pm in Greenbelt 1; Friday (July 22) around 6pm at the mall beside Quezon Ave MRT station, or Saturday (July23) around 1pm at the entrance of IMAX MOA. More details to be PM'd to the recipients.

To avail of this offer, please follow these instructions:

1. LIKE the Write, Breathe, Live and My Village Choice pages on Facebook.
2. Post on your FB wall this status message: "I'd like to have __ (indicate number of tickets, maximum of 4) entrance tickets to the 10th Filipino Franchise Show courtesy of Write, Breathe, Live (tagged) and My Village Choice (tagged).
3. Offer good while tickets last. First come, first served. Please make sure you're getting the tickets on the dates indicated.

Here's the some of the activities (subject to change w/o prior notice) to look forward to so you'll know what day/s you'll be most interested to attend:

Day 1: July 21 (Thursday)
- Grand Opening: Strengthening Filipino MSME
- Visions of an Entrepreneur by Mr. Chinkee Tan
- Formulating your Vision and Mission Statement and Defining the culture of your company through its core values by Mr. Carson Tan
- Placing the Right Foot by IPO, DTI, SEC

Day 2: July 22 (Friday)
- Go Negosyo Day
- FEEL Success Coffee Table Sessions
- Responsible Entrepreneurship by Mr. Glenn Yu
- Immersing & Emerging Leadership by Mr. Anthony Pangilinan
- Mascot Exhibition
- Placing the Right Foot by BIR
- Branding Concepts by Mr. Randell Tiongson
- ABC's of Franchise by Mr. Armando (Butz) Bartolome
- Business Tools by BPI, BPI-Card

Day 3: July 23 (Saturday)
- OFW Day
- Hanepbuhay by GMA7
- Company Presentations
- Celebrity Business Experience by Ms. Miriam Quiambao
- Devising Effective Business Strategies by Mr. Cito Beltran
- OFW at its Best by Ms. Susan Ople
- Mascot Exhibition

Day 4: July 24 (Sunday)
- AM Mass
- Company Presentations
- Mascot Exhibition
- FEEL Success Coffee Table Sessions
- Awardings
- Raffles
- Spotting Entrepreneurial Potential by Mr. Paolo Tibig
- The Social Media by Mr. Carlo Ople

From CTE Productions' Notes:

Do you remember……

Twirling in rainbow skirts during childhood birthday parties?

Feeling embarrassed buying your very first bra?

Buying a pair of killer red heels to get over your ex?

Walking down the aisle in Mom’s wedding gown to be with the person you will forever cherish?

I had the pleasure of watching this magnificent show two nights ago during its press preview. I found it truly amazing how most women all over the world understand the universal language of clothes, shoes, bags, and much, much more.

Please read my full length review of this wonderfully funny and touching show which is now up at HerWord.com to understand better what I am (and they are) talking about.

Love, Loss, and What I Wore will have a one-weekend-run-only on July 14, 15, 16 and 17 at the RCBC Theater in Makati, Shows are at 8pm with Saturday and Sunday matinees at 3:30pm.

Modern life nowadays means rushing to and from somewhere every day, catching up on the latest in technology, and generally keeping up with our fast-changing world. One reality that more and more people are also realizing is the need to live in the city to be nearer our places of work or education.

Design consultant Paolo Alcazaren affirms that many Filipinos today are living in crowded subdivisions with few open spaces or limited access to amenities such that the views out of the window can just be a garage or the neighbors’ dirty laundry. There are not enough good playgrounds for kids and, sometimes, they have to cross high-traffic streets just to get to a park that can only accommodate a certain number of children.

In the past, standard villages, Alcazaren describes, have clubhouses that are actually just a shed or a swimming pool that is little more than a glorified bath tub. Parks, on the other hand, are usually just leftover strips of land with two trees and a swing for a playground while jogging paths are actually the sidewalk.

Thankfully, new developers are altering the landscape. “We will change the way Filipinos dream of affordable quality condo homes by incorporating in our project several features that were unusual, if not thought of being impossible, in similar developments,” says SOC Land President John Paul Reyes during the groundbreaking ceremony of ANUVA yesterday.

The medium rise real estate venue, located along the east service road of SLEX, is one kilometre away from the Sucat Interchange. Anuva, which means “new beginning” is a 2.4-hectare resort-themed development that has an 80 percent open space provision that is way above the industry average of 50 percent and the mandatory 30 percent.

To complement the vast open spaces, SOC Land will be building amenities designed to give future homeowners an enjoyable and convenient lifestyle. These include a 50-meter lap pool, a lagoon and lake, theme parks and gardens, clubhouse and function rooms, a lazy river, and a yoga meditation garden.

The designs of the common areas will have perimeter road access for safe crossing for the residents and their children. In addition, Anuva will have a sky lounge at the roof deck in each of the tandem buildings.

The buildings come with an average of 20 units per floor instead of the usual 75rooms of other residential establishments. The units have a squarish configuration, not rectangular, to give residents more room to explore and optimize their spaces.

The price tags? Units are sold at P1.2M or P54,000 per square meter. Straight payment is available at zero percent interest for as low as P7,500 a month. Choose from 1- or 2-bedroom units.

Anuva’s address is at Brgy. Buli, Muntinlupa City. For more information, call 8170-SOC / 533.4070 / 543.4691 / 0917.5579509 or visit www.anuva.com.ph

What child doesn't love Jollibee and Friends? I don't know any kid (or kid-at-heart for the matter) who doesn't enjoy seeing the friendly bee and the other lovable Jollibee mascots in person or on TV.

Last Saturday, a selected group of excited little ones and their parents got to attend a sneak peek of what Jollitown's 4th season has in store for its fans. We were greeted with a very colorful balloon arc at the entrance to the Whitespace hall in Pasong Tamo Extension.

Beyond the double doors was a virtual fairytale land decorated with new and familiar stuff from the hit children's TV show. I love the colorful decorations that really made the place seem very magical.

Before the program proper started, we were offered lunch consisting of some really yummy treats. I got food from the adult's buffet table but was quite envious when I saw that my son had Chickenjoy on his plate. Although our food was good too, a fellow mom and I agreed that we should have lined up at the kids' buffet table instead! :p

At around 1 p.m., Mr. Q appeared to host the event. He guided us through highlights of the new season. Basically, the magical clock tower DingDangDong is broken and it’s up to Jollibee and friends to put him back together. Along the way, they meet new characters like the futuristic Mr. Tom Morrow and his robots that accidentally went out of control.

To help fix DingDangDong, guests young and old participated in cool and fun games aimed to rebuild Jollitown. My son and I joined the the rainbow game and we won! All the credit goes to Daniel  because he's the one who moves very fast and is good at puzzles too :)

More games had parents and their kids having a lot of fun as they bond during the interactive games. We also witnessed some really awesome art performances by the My Masterpiece Movement as they drew and colored Jollitown to life and took all of us on a very creative time-travel journey.

Before the enjoyable afternoon ended, the well-loved mascots -- Jollibee, Popo, Hetty, Twirlie, and Yum  -- treated guests with a much-awaited performance and gamely posed for photos with all of us later.

Remind your kids to catch their beloved characters onscreen every Sunday as they travel across time and rebuild Jollitown. This 4th season starts airing on July 18, 9 a.m. at ABS-CBN.

* Special thanks to Jeman of orangemagazinetv.com for letting me use some of his photos.
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