Monday, May 23, 2011

Pampers Pays Tribute to Moms

Last May 17, Pampers delighted moms with an event filled with treats and useful information on how to keep themselves and their babies happy and healthy at the Crowne Plaza Galleria. It was also where Pampers launched the Pampers Salutes Moms campaign where moms can get discounts and freebies from partner establishments like Hobbes & Landes, Gymboree, The Picture Company, The Spa and The Medical City.

Dr. Jacqueline Navarro, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, talked about sleep and play for baby’s healthy development. She reminds moms that optimal sleep is needed by babies to foster normal growth and development as well as improve emotional health and immune function. Moreover, sleep plays a role in the growth and healing of body tissues, learning and memory processing, and central nervous system repair.

When it comes to skin care for newborns, Dr. Ma. Lourdes Palmero, a pediatric dermatologist consultant, described the most common skin care problems in infants such as cradle cap and diaper dermatitis. She gave moms tips on how to better care for baby’s skin to prevent these conditions from developing or getting worse.

Andrea Dumangcas, Marketing Manager of The Spa, discussed about post-pregnancy pampering and why it is essential for moms to also take care of themselves. She affirms that babies respond to their mom’s emotions, happiness and well-being such that everything a mom does for herself to look and feel good will benefit not only herself but her baby as well.

The event’s celebrity guest was Vina Morales, mom to a two-year-old. She revealed the challenges and joys she’s also experiencing as a parent as well as gave away some of parenting tips with the mommy guests.

Teacher Kat from Gymboree demonstrated some techniques on making playtime fun for baby while Tes Gangcuangco from Hobbes & Lands introduced innovative and educational toys that babies would really love. The Picture Company also shared information on their services and packages that members can enjoy to capture all the fun family moments that parents and their children can cherish for a lifetime.

Pampers gave away goody bags and raffled off some very nice prizes from the different partners to the delight of the guests. Find out more about the Pampers Salutes Moms campaign by checking out my other blog post or by logging on to

* Special thanks to CAPRI for the photos
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