Monday, April 11, 2011

Ice Cream for a Cause

Summer is officially here and it's super hot, hot, hot! The other day, I accompanied  two of my sons to BPI Family Bank to open Jumpstart Savings accounts for each for them. We're starting afresh no thanks to Banco Filipino which, unfortunately, still harbors all my sons' savings since they were small :(

Anyway, after walking under the hot afternoon sun, we dropped by Star Mall in Alabang to buy a new battery and charger for Josh's dying mobile phone. We also made a detour to Robinson's Supermarket to buy some grocery items. 

Feeling hot and tired, we were drawn towards the ice cream freezers. I was contemplating if we really NEED to buy a tub or not. Then I saw this sign on top of one of the freezers. It says, "For every purchase of ice cream products, Robinsons Supermarket will donate to the World Vision Feeding Project for 250 children." And so we ended up buying two flavors of ice cream with the thought that the purchases would be able to help a feeding program.

Still, if you'd really like to help poor children, please do consider sponsoring a child via World Vision. It costs P600 a month to send an underprivileged, but deserving, child to school and help put up livelihood projects in the community he/she lives in. For more info about child sponsorship, please read WV's FAQs.
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