Thursday, April 14, 2011

HP Reveals a Redesigned Consumer PC Portfolio

This week, HP unveils their new consumer PCs to connect end users to their personal passions. The new lineup of consumer notebooks, desktops and monitors come with sleek looks and the latest technologies to enhance the way people experience what matters to them most whether it be catching up on entertainment news, gathering information, or keeping in touch with their loved ones. 

"Computer is personal again!" states Mr. Albert Mateo, Country General Manager of HP Philippines' Personal Systems Group. He affirms that consumers can now easily enjoy music, play games, and experience intuitive touch experiences with the new range of HP's consumer notebooks and desktops which "offers style, performance, entertainment, and security features that work together to present a seamless connected experience."

With the new consumer PC portfolio, users will be able to:

-- Experience music the way artists intended it to be heard with Beats™ Audio, optimized by onboard quad speakers on HP Pavilion dv6.

-- Enjoy greater comfort with HP CoolSense Technology, designed and engineered for better cooling on HP dv series not ebooks.

-- Amplify visual euphoria with HP TrueVision HD webcam (1) and the optional graphic enhancement of up to 1GB GDDR5(3) of dedicated video memory on the HP Pavilion dv4.

-- Help protect their personal information and simplify password management, with HP SimplePass(2) on the Pavilion dv6 .

-- Benefit from the increased range of motion on the HP TouchSmart 610 Consumer PC‘s reclining display of up to 60 degrees and forward-tilt of up to five degrees.

I was quite impressed with the Touchsmart All-in-One PC. I took this short video and when my son saw it, his first question was, "Was that an aquarium?!"

I also took a video showing a demo on how easy (and fun!) it is to play a game on the huge touchscreen. I showed it to my kids and they all thought it was cool :) Watch that one on YouTube.

Here's a quick rundown of HP's newest offerings:

The redesigned HP Pavilion notebook PC line and new HP TouchSmart610 Consumer PC are built on inspirations from culture, art, fashion and HP‘s MUSE (Materials, Usability, Sensory appeal and Experience) design philosophy.

MUSE includes a mix of materials such as metals, alloys and plastics; easy-to-use features for improved usability; a blend of artisanal elements for sensory appeal; and intuitive features for streamlined experiences.

The new HP Pavilion dv series notebook PCs include impressive features such as HP CoolSense Technology, HP TrueVision HD webcam (1) and HP SimplePass(2). Select models of the HP Pavilion dv series also feature BeatsTM Audio(2) for a powerful audio experience.

With a sleek, clean appearance, the new HP TouchSmart 610 Consumer PC reclines from upright to almost flat, providing increased comfort for longer-term use and the freedom to position the TouchSmart610 Consumer PC on a kitchen counter, or anywhere the family gathers.

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