Adorable Furniture and Accessories for Kids

I went to Two Tots' store warming last week and had a nice time looking at all the great pieces there. All items are wonderfully and proudly Philippine-made! Parents who are redecorating their kids' rooms would love selecting choice pieces from the assortment of home accessories and kiddie furniture that mostly come in cool, pastel colors.

I especially like the pretty magnetic boards (P355.00 - P545.00) that let kids stick notes and artworks on the wall using magnets instead of push pins that can be harmful to small children. The magnets also make it easy to move things around without damaging the board with tiny pin holes.

The personalized pillows (P845.00) have very cute designs. One says, "I lost my tooth, please look here. Love, Charlie." :)

The bedrooms for boys and girls are lovely. They look like great places where a child could unwind, read a book, or daydream.

Aside from expecting parents, guests to a child's christening or first birthday would find a lot of gift ideas just by browsing what Two Tots has to offer.

Please click here to see more photos of what you can find at Two Tots. It is located at the second floor of the ID Warehouse in Pasong Tamo Ext. just a couple of buildings away (on the left side) if you're coming from EDSA.

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