Stop Playing Farmville in Facebook!

Instead, make that farm a reality ...

Sta. Lucia Land Inc. (SLLI), in cooperation with Lapanday Properties Philippines, Inc. (LPPI), has a new development called La Huerta Farms and Residences located in Calamba, Laguna where residents can harvest the fruits of healthy living.

The 50-hectare development will provide homeowners the means to farm their own fruits, vegetables, herbs, condiments, and beverages in the convenience of their own backyards. Lot sizes, which range from 750 to 3,000 square meters, offer residents a wide variety of possible garden concepts.

Those who are in the market for a Farmville-like community can choose between four different garden communities:

= El Sol ("The Sun"), is a cluster enriched with plants specifically selected for their medicinal purposes and therapeutic benefits.

= El Cielo ("The Sky"), allows residents to live near the development's ostrich farm while housing a wide array of organic vegetables and herb gardens.

= La Luna ("The Moon") allures homeowners with the soothing scent of coffee and cacao while inspiring them with the poetry of romantic landscaping decked with canopies.

= La Lluvia ("The Rain"), offers a colorful display of palm and flowering plants.

To help residents through their farming experience, La Huerta ("The Orchard") is staffed with experts from UP Los Banos and in-house horticulturalists ready to provide technical assistance. It will have a clubhouse that will house a training center which, in cooperation with the homeowners' association, will offer regular seminars, trainings, and workshops to further improve the cultivation skills of gardening enthusiasts.

In addition, La Huerta will have a 1,500 sq.m. greenhouse that would provide fruits and vegetables planted in unique gardening concepts such as the "Bahay Kubo" where one can find vegetables mentioned in the well-loved folk song, as well as a "Sinigang Garden", a "Pinakbet Garden", and a "Salad/Chopseuy Garden".

And who better to endorse the said development but nature enthusiast and animal lover, Kim Atienza? During the press con, he shares how he initially wondered why he was chosen to become the face of La Huerta and that, when he saw the place, he immediately understood why.

Mr. Eduardo Tirona, president of Orchard Property Marketing Corporation (OPMC), the marketing arm of SLLI, says cultivating La Huerta is their contribution to healing the earth and that they hope other land developers will take the cue and advocate as well for a healthier environment and lifestyle for everyone through their realty development projects.

For more details, please visit OPMC's website.

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