A Slice of the Big Apple is Now in Makati!

Edit April 5: Part of this blog post, plus a screen capture, can now be found at NYPP's website :)

I love pizzas and pastas. Bring me to a place that serves good ones anytime and I'm bound to eat a lot! 

This happened the other day when some friends and I were invited to try out the sumptuous fare at New York Pizza Palace located at A. Venue Mall in Makati. I was immediately impressed the moment I walked in the door because there was this long electronic LED board on the ceiling flashing various news tidbits and stock market infos alongside TV screens showing live feed of a New York street corner. 

As my eyes roved around the store's interior, I was more amazed at how much attention was given to make sure that all the details (street signs, graffiti, subway seats, etc.) would make visitors feel like they're  really somewhere in New York City instead of just being inside another Manila establishment.

NYPP's Chairman, Eric Orland, gave us a tour of the place and explained how even the littlest touches came about. His enthusiasm and positive outlook are contagious. Many of us became excited when we found out that they're planning to open several more branches all over Metro Manila this year. I hope Alabang is among the target areas so I won't have to travel to Makati anymore to try more of their delicious offerings.

We got to sample several of NYPP's dishes and everything, as in everything, I got to taste were all a wonderful treat to the palate. They were also nicely plated and served by solicitous members of the staff who, by the way, wear baseball uniforms and caps with the names of some of the famous NY greats stitched at the back. I find that such a nice touch!

The good news is, eating at NYPP will not cost you an arm and a leg despite its very posh appearance. Most of their prices are very competitive to what are served in other pizza parlors although their signature pizzas do cost a bit higher given the special toppings.

What I can assure you though is that you'll get your money's worth when you do try their products. I can't wait to come back and bring my kids and hubby there one of these days. I'm positive my boys will go bonkers over the buffalo wings as I did and will wolf down slices of pizza before they say they're full :p

Oh, but NYPP delivers too for a minimum order of just P350! Just call their hotline at 720.5977 and choose from the wide variety of yummy stuff that you will enjoy sharing with family and friends as I definitely did!

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