Monday, March 07, 2011

Prepare for the Heat of Summer; Bring Halsa Into Your Home

The weather has become very unpredictable these past few years. No thanks to global warming, we are now experiencing extreme heat or too much cold at odd times of the year. Almost every year, we hear forecasts saying the coming summer would be the hottest one yet. So it's best to be prepared in beating whatever high temperatures nature brings our way.

I've recently attended the launching of Electrolux's line of Halsa (which means health and wellness) air conditioners. There, I found out that the company has created these new products with a combination of advanced air purifying technologies that will keep keep families healthy and give them a wellness experience right in their own homes. This goal is an answer to Filipinos' search for more ways to get away from the increasing amounts of pollution and the stress it brings through avenues of relaxation and rejuvenation.  

Now, it's easier to escape the polluted air of the outdoors. Electrolux's new split-type air conditioners has an integrated air filtration system that eliminates dust and other harmful particles to ensure that the air inside the home is clean and pure. Other notable features include:

= a Bio HEPA Filter that traps very fine particles of airborne dust, bacteria, fungi and microbes then destroys organisms by dissolving their cell walls with a biological enzyme. This system is said to remove over 95% of bacteria and 99% of dust particles.

= Plasma Air Purification Technology that cleanses the air of contaminants and impurities to reduce the incidence of allergies, asthma and the common cold.

= Vitamin C Technology that releases nano particles of pure Vitamin C to help reduce stress, improve the skin and inhibit bacteria and combat free radicals that cause cell damage.

= Gold Fin Protection Technology that has a unique golden coating to withstand salty air, rain and other corrosive elements, and a Golden Bio Evaporator that prevents bacteria from breeding and spreading.

Aside from all the above-mentioned advantages, Electrolux Halsa air conditioners are among the most energy efficient cooling products in the market to help save money on electric bills. The line of new air conditioners also comes in window-type and cooler formats for more options for families to choose the product that fits best in their homes.
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