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We all know the drill. Whenever we want to find a property to buy, rent, or sell, we look at classified pages in newspapers as well as online listings. The problem is, with all the hodge-podge of information, it’s difficult to find the right house, apartment, condo, or house and lot without having to sift through dozens, if not hundreds, of records. More often than not, you’ll end up having a headache from the information overload and still be left with very few, and not very promising, leads.

Enter haybol.ph, the Philippines’ first real estate search site that provides users the best browsing experience on the Web. There, you can find homes for sale or for rent that are within your budget as well as foreclosed properties and other data and information about local real estate. You can also compare your future home with similar homes on the market (especially those in and around your target area or location) in terms of sale prices and other real estate trends.

What’s great about haybol.ph is that their talented team of engineers and analysts from Orange and Bronze Software Labs, led by Edge Dalmacio and Lorenzo Dee, are focused on building tools such as their integration with Google Maps and real estate guides to help house-hunters better understand and interpret real estate information. (Read more about Edge, Lorenzo, and Haybol in the blog of O&B CEO Calen Legaspi).

that's me talking with Lorenzo and Edge 
photo courtesy of O&B

With this, you can search, for instance, for a dorm or apartment for your son or daughter within a school’s area (e.g. type UST or La Salle and see) just by looking at the map provided. The website can furthermore be used by real estate professionals to market their listings, view real estate data and promote their services. There’s a Real Estate Professionals section specifically for brokers and agents.

What sold me more to this awesome innovation was when Lorenzo asked me to hold an android phone and point it to any direction I like. On the screen appeared dots which he explained are available real estate properties within 1.5 kilometers from where we were standing! The dots change, of course, when you turn around and check out other areas. How cool is that?!

In a nutshell, haybol.ph has just made real estate search much smarter. Go check it out today!
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