A Different Kind of Love Story

I have seen and read news about Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez's love story these past months. I was no longer surprised to find out that they now have a movie together. But I was curious about this collaboration and accepted the press con invite to see for myself what the newlyweds are up to.

There, members of the media were briefed about the movie TUM: My Pledge of Love. The film was written and directed by Robin himself. He revealed it was inspired by the love he shares with his wife. Tum is a Hindu term that means "you."

The movie was entirely shot in India during the Padillas' honeymoon. It tells the story of two individuals hindered by cultural beliefs and threatened by the people around them. Eventually, they come to a crossroads where they would have to decide whether or not they are really meant for each other.

The trailer is intriguing. It shows interesting facets of life in India which include colorful costumes and interesting scenery.  I'd like to watch the entire movie to better appreciate the story. I wouldn't be surprised if, in the future, this movie would be considered as one of the classics as a lot of people, star-crossed lovers most of all, may probably see themselves in the main characters.

TUM also stars Eddie Garcia, Ejay Falcon, Kat Alano, Rich Herrera, Datu Khomeini Bansuan, Nash R. Raza, and Robin's daughter, Queenie. The rest of the cast and extras were Indian actors who, according to Robin, were all wonderful and cooperative.

TUM: My Pledge of Love will be showing in theaters starting March 16.
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