Pinoy Youth Icons Take the Spotlight in Jollibee’s New Yum TVC

Last October, Jollibee unveiled nine young ambassadors via a photo exhibit. This month, six of these young people once again take the spotlight in the new Yum TV commercial. Don't you just love those wonderful, vibrant colors?! :)

Press Release:

Today’s youth know how to live life to the fullest and have fun, even as they play a vital role in society and bring pride to the country. Jollibee’s latest campaign featuring six Pinoy youth icons - also known as Yumbassadors - showcases the rich pool of talents the country has and encourages today’s generation to pursue their dreams and make a difference.

“We decided to put the spotlight on the Jollibee Yumbassadors. They are the perfect role models for their fellow young Pinoys. They embody the Yum life: they celebrate their individuality and world-class excellence. At the same time, they are just like any other youth who knows how to enjoy a bite of their all-time favorite Yumburger,” shares Albert Cuadrante, Jollibee’s VP for Marketing. “As the Filipino youth grow up, have fun and continue to share a common love for this unique Pinoy taste, they also learn how to reach out, showcase their talents to the rest of the world, and give the country pride.”

Niño, Carmela, and Sam

The Jollibee Yumbassadors featured in the campaign ads champion different causes in academics, sports, literature, arts and social entrepreneurship. They are Bam Aquino, social entrepreneur and youth leader; Sam Concepcion, multi-talented performer and World Vision ambassador; Reese Fernandez, Rags2Riches co-founder; Francis “Niño” Alcantara, World Top 30 Tennis Player; Carmela Lao, International Math Olympiad medalist; and Miro Capili, three-time Palanca Awardee. Young as they are, they’ve already made the country proud by putting the Philippines on the world map through their winning ways and inspiring efforts. Read more of their achievements and individual profiles here.

“It feels great to be part of this campaign and be recognized. It’s not just about having talent but it’s also how you manage to work hard to be the best at what you do.” says tennis ace Nino Alcantara, who is currently on an athletic scholarship at the California State University in the United States.

Bam, Reese, and Miro

Yumbassador Bam Aquino encourages business-minded Pinoys through the HaPinoy Store Program, a project he pioneered which aspires to be the leading partners of micro-entrepreneurs. Bam says, “Growing up in this global village has given young Filipinos today the tools and knowledge they need to make a difference. It’s in the youth’s power now to bridge people, organizations and ideas for a greater, synergized good.”

The World Economic Forum Young Global Leader awardee also adds a piece of advice to the youth, “Huwag matakot. If you feel that serving others and helping people leads you to your happiness, then go do it. Only the brave are able to change the world.”

Popular entertainer Sam Concepcion agrees: “To deeply touch others, you have to sing and dance with your heart. Young Pinoys who are truly gifted only need to overcome their shyness, let go of their fears and pursue their passion. When you are giving your best, others will be inspired and encouraged by what you do.”

The proudly Pinoy fast-food chain fuels the youth by reminding them through the Yumbassadors that they too are just as capable of bringing pride to the country with a simple and heartfelt declaration – “I am young. I am proudly Pinoy. I Yum.”

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