Gary Granada's Newest Album is Hip, Fun, and Educational!

Parents and teachers, check out this new educational CD from Gary Granada that will help your kids learn to love math :)

Press Release:

Award-winning songwriter and composer Gary Granada has come up with the “project of his life”—the hip and fun CD “Teacher Kiel’s Arithmetic Songs for Kids Zero to Ten.”

The CD is a project of Gary and his daughter Kiel. A BS Mathematics graduate, magna cum laude, from the University of the Philippines-Diliman, Kiel teaches at the Philippine Science High School.

The songs range from the basic “Zero to Ten” (an introduction to counting) and “Even” (definition of even numbers) to the more complex “Over Itself” (a number divided by itself is always 1) and “Undefined” (division by 0 results in an undefined value).

The CD is the first of three albums on math. It will be followed by “Math and Logic Songs for Kids Zero to 100” and “Geometry Songs for Geometry Haters.”

The CD is available at National Bookstore. Interested schools, teachers and students can contact Gary Granada directly at
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