My Secret to a Fragrant Work Station

It has been a week since I opened the bottle of jasmine-scented essential oil and arranged the reeds inside it. I can still smell the fresh flower scent every time I enter our bedroom.

I bought this item because I became curious how reed diffusers work. I came across these kinds of products some months ago after researching on essential oils and aromatherapy for a writeup I was doing for a client. When I saw a display of reed diffusers at Shopwise Alabang, I bought the smallest bottle, which only cost me P49.95, because it was something new to try.

I've already experimented with candle burners and incense sticks before but I find them too arduous to set up as well as messy to clean. Although I am not averse to using room sprays, they also require extra effort each time I want our room to smell nice.

So I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use a reed diffuser. After placing the reeds inside the opened bottle of oil, I positioned the container at the farthest left corner of my desk-cum-dresser where members of my all-male family won't accidentally bump into it and spill the liquid. I placed a heavy mug of pens and pencils beside it for good measure. So far, so good. 

During the first three days, the scent could be smelled even outside our room. But it started fading after that. Still, what's important is that I get a whiff of jasmine every time I'm working on my laptop on top of the dresser. The pleasant aroma helps me relax and think better especially when tackling urgent deadlines.

If you ask me if I'm going to buy another bottle when the oil runs out, I can definitely say I will. This aromatherapy method, for me, is the easiest to use and the longest lasting. I'm buying me another one in a different scent soon.
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