How to Raise Good Learners

Many children experience study problems for a number of reasons. In a talk entitled Good Study Habits Toward School Success, Maribel Sison-Dionisio, a marriage and family counselor, says study problems originate from the following: parents’ failure to teach their children; frequent criticism or negative comments and insults; too much help or too little help; too high/unrealistic or too low expectations from parents; disinterested parents; serious family or marital conflicts; developmental/learning problems; and poor school/classroom environment.

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The talk was given to parents and educators during a seminar called Giving Children the Winning Edge presented by the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program. There, Sison-Dionisio enumerates the A to E of effective study habits that can be applied to one’s children or students.

Please read the rest of my article, Raising Good Learners, at the Manila Bulletin website. You can also find the print version in today's issue of Manila Bulletin in the Moms&Babies' section.
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