My Village Choice is giving away 12 entrance tickets to the 16th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta on Feb 10-13, 2011.

Be part of this eventful centennial celebration of Airplanes in the Philippines Skies. Most importantly, this event is also a good time for you to enjoy and have fun together with your family.

For the contest mechanics and more details, visit MVC's Facebook page.

If you have a product or service you want to advertise in My Village Choice, please leave a comment below this post and indicate your contact details or email me at so I can get back to you. I am one of MVC's Niche Marketing Officers :)

A little angel needs help.

Meet Job Tyrese Feliciano. A bubbly 7-month old baby who was diagnosed w/ Biliary Atresia shortly after birth. He needs to undergo liver transplant in Taiwan at the soonest possible time. Any delay would be detrimental to his health.

Job's parents, both nurses at Cardinal Santos Medical Center, are appealing for prayers and assistance. If you know of any organization, socio-civic groups or if the Lord touches your heart to give, please visit for more details on how to extend your help to the family. You can also read more about his story there.

Thank you and may the Lord bless you abundantly!


I have seen many of my articles sprouting out in blogs and websites without my permission nor proper attribution to me, as the author of those pieces. I have not taken action against them because I didn’t want to stress myself out running after copycats.

But this time, I am making a stand because I discovered that one of my son’s articles was blatantly plagiarized! The so-called “writer” cut and pasted my son’s article from Manila Bulletin’s Funpage website (the print version came out on Feb. 7, 2009), changed the pronouns from first to third person and posted the whole article as if the "writer" interviewed my boy! There was nothing there to indicate where or how he/she got the story.

View both and compare:

My son's article -

The plagiarized version -

In case the "writer" sees this blog post and deletes his/her entry, I'm also posting some screen captures for good measure. Just click the photos to enlarge and read the contents.

It would have been acceptable if the person just wrote an introduction and then placed a link to the Funpage website to point his/her readers to the article itself. Instead, the pronouns were changed before the original write up was posted almost verbatim.

What’s so ironic is that many of the verbs stayed as they were written from the first person point of view (“Gene Daniel love …” “he already know …”). The “writer” didn’t even check if the grammar was correct!

Sure, my son was put in a good light. But should I be pleased that the story posted about him was actually written by the kid himself?! Any sane parent, I’m sure, would react negatively like I had.

I’m sorry, whoever you are, for exposing you. But you should at least have had the decency to mention your sources and do your own write-ups, not COPY MATERIAL almost word-for-word from a 10 year old boy’s article!

And this goes to all of you who are carelessly stealing (there’s no other word for it, you know) other people’s creativity. Only post content that you have done yourself or mention sources where you got them if they are press releases or articles by other writers!

Go find your own muse so you can proudly and honestly call yourself a real writer. Good grief! Work hard to be worthy of that title!

Edit (Jan 28): Ellis Well has apologized, removed his writeup and changed the whole layout of his site. Read his message to me in the comments section of this blog post.

Press release:

Singapore has been consistent in their top ten ranking at TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study). Their students have mastered a technique which allows them to visualize equations, thus helping them understand Math concepts better and more efficiently. Schools around the world are now implementing this technique, including some of the top schools in the Philippines.

The Galileo Enrichment Learning Program is holding a one-day workshop for parents and their grade school children (grades 2 to 4) on Singapore Math entitled "Unlocking the Secrets to Singapore Math" this coming February 12. The workshop aims to educate the participants on solving strategies used by the Singaporeans.

For more details, please click here.

For reservations, please call 898.1234 and look for Meg Fuentes or email

I watched the press screening of Love & Other Drugs last week and found the movie both funny and sad. I'll be posting a review within this week. 

Edit Jan. 28: My full-length review of this movie is now up at

As a teaser, here's a brief summary from 20th Century Fox of what it's all about:

Maggie (Anne Hathaway) is an alluring free spirit who won't let anyone - or anything - tie her down. But she meets her match in Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal), whose relentless and nearly infallible charm serve him well with the ladies and in the cutthroat world of pharmaceutical sales. Maggie and Jamie's evolving relationship takes them both by surprise, as they find themselves under the influence of the ultimate drug called love.

Catch Love & Other Drugs in cinemas starting today!

Kids and kids at heart at invited to OMF Lit's Boni, Mandaluyong branch on January 28, 10-11AM for an hour of storytelling and fun activities. Plus, get 10% off all OMF Lit books during the storytelling hour only. Please click the photo below to enlarge for more details.

RSVP by calling 531-0141 or email

Hey Moms! Sign up at Bounty Fresh's Chic Moms Club and win!

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My husband and I are adventurous when it comes to food and we like trying out places we haven't eaten in before. However, when we're stuck with a limited budget, or have gift certificates to use, we try to plan ahead of time.

In the past, I had to hop from one website or blog to another just to find enough information on a restaurant. Of course I'd want to know stuff like branches, exact addresses, contact numbers, and food prices. Most of the time, a restaurant's website will not post their whole menu, let alone how much each item costs.

Thankfully, I discovered one website that could provide me with what I need to know. If you're also a foodie like me, you might find MunchPunch useful too.

Just sharing a good find :)

"What happens when we die?"

"How do we move on after a loved one passed away?"

"Is there a way to talk to somebody who is already dead?"

I believe many of us have asked those questions at one time or another in the past. Death is such a universal concept because each of us are affected by it especially when it happens to people we care about.

In the movie Hereafter, the story explores what lies beyond life from three different perspectives. The main characters have experiences that somehow connect them to each other. Each goes on a journey where their lives will intersect and be forever changed by the things they find out about the afterlife.

Please read my full-length review here to get an idea what to expect from the movie.

Hereafter opens today in Philippine cinemas. It stars Matt Damon, Cecile de France, and Frankie/George McLaren.

I am very conscious about helping save our planet from eventual destruction. As much as we can, my family and I practice proper waste segregation, bring reusable canvas bags when grocery shopping, and save water and electricity, among other things. 

Thus, I am always glad to support people and organizations that also advocate for this cause. After all, if we don't start caring for our environment today, what kind of world will we be leaving our children and the future generations with?

Last Friday, Museo Pambata re-opened its Science Through Discovery theme room and filled it with more exciting, very colorful, and fun interactive exhibits aimed to help kids and adults alike understand the many factors that affect climate change. The room, called "I Love My Planet Earth," introduces environmental concepts in simple terms without the complicated jargon.

According to Ms. Nina Lim-Yuson, President and CEO of Museo Pambata, the hands-on exhibits explain basic science concepts on environmental concerns and how one can help make the world a better place to live in through the protection and conservation of our resources. She explains, "It is not enough to tell children that they have to take care of their environment. We can add fun in these learning activities. This way, they understand better and appreciate our environment as a lifetime commitment." I totally agree! 

The room features games such as a floor board activity that explores the different ways children can reduce their carbon footprints. There are also interactive exhibits tackling the importance of having clean air and water. In one area are different scenes from a typical Filipino home comparing the then and now, or how life was simpler and less harmful to the environment many years ago.

Guests were each given a guidebook and poster-checklist on saving the planet to encourage them to join the campaign by being good role models to the youth. The guidebook explains and expands on the concepts presented in the exhibits through suggested sit-down written activities and experiments. This publication will be distributed for free to all museum visitors.

The room's renovation was made possible through a grant from Motorola Foundation USA, which supports  educational programs on science and technology, particularly how children and adults should  learn to be responsible in taking care of the Earth.

For more information about Museo Pambata, log on to their website or call 523-1797 to 98. You can also check out my full-length review of this wonderful place for children which was published last year at

On the other hand, you can also read my blog post about the Career Options room launched in April 2010 called Paglaki Ko, Gusto Kong Maging Manunulat at Ilustrador para sa Kabataan here.

Many children experience study problems for a number of reasons. In a talk entitled Good Study Habits Toward School Success, Maribel Sison-Dionisio, a marriage and family counselor, says study problems originate from the following: parents’ failure to teach their children; frequent criticism or negative comments and insults; too much help or too little help; too high/unrealistic or too low expectations from parents; disinterested parents; serious family or marital conflicts; developmental/learning problems; and poor school/classroom environment.

This cute photo was borrowed from

The talk was given to parents and educators during a seminar called Giving Children the Winning Edge presented by the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program. There, Sison-Dionisio enumerates the A to E of effective study habits that can be applied to one’s children or students.

Please read the rest of my article, Raising Good Learners, at the Manila Bulletin website. You can also find the print version in today's issue of Manila Bulletin in the Moms&Babies' section.

I have always been fascinated by Angelina Jolie. She's very beautiful and she could act! She carries herself well, looks great with any hair color, and can especially be stunningly elegant when dressed in attractive clothes. I can't say the same thing about a lot of other good-looking actresses because they don't have the combination of qualities I mentioned.

Anyhow, let me just share that I enjoyed watching The Tourist where she stars with Johnny Depp. It has been a long time since I've watched a spy thriller that really kept me guessing until the end.

Please read my full-length review of this movie at so you can judge for yourself if you should watch it or not. Promise, there are no spoilers there :)

Theater fans, mark your calendars for another great production! 

I already know the story of Jupiter and Alcmene, the wife of King Amphitryon, but I wasn't aware it has been translated to Filipino, until now. This version of the play sounds very interesting. Please read on to find out more about it.

Press Release:

Dulaang UP’s 4th production for the 35th Theater Season is AMPHITRYON, a classic comedy by German playwright Heinrich von Kleist translated in Filipino by Jerry Respeto and directed by Jose Estrella.

Based on a Roman comedy of the same title, AMPHITRYON is a moral fable that challenges our deeply rooted beliefs about love, infidelity, and identity. It presents Alcmene, a loving and faithful wife who was left alone by Amphitryon, her husband, the king, who had to go to battle. One day, the god Jupiter, fell in love with her, and disguised and presented himself as the long lost husband. 

A night of exceptional happiness ensued between the supposed “husband” and wife, but after the disguise and deception ,the god-lover disappears as the mortal husband, King Amphitryon, returns. What follows is the intricate tangling and unraveling of the chaos caused by this “divine intervention” – in turns hilarious, romantic, disturbing and thought-provoking.

The cast includes Neil Sese, Lex Marcos, Diana Malahay, Wenah Nagales, George de Jesus, Paolo O'Hara, Lucky de Mesa and Natasha Cabrera.

Comprising the artistic team are Set Designer Lex Marcos, Light Designer John Batalla, Costume Designer Raven Ong and Sounds Designer TJ Ramos.

Amphitryon will run from February 16 to March 6, 2011 at the Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater, 2nd floor Palma Hall, UP Diliman, Quezon City from Wednesdays to Fridays at 7pm and at 10am and 3pm during weekends. For tickets, please contact Cherry at 09177500107, or the Dulaang UP Office at 926-1349, 981-8500 local 2449 or 433-7840.

First Week

February 16 Wednesday - 7pm
February 17 Thursday - 7 pm
February 18 Friday - 7 pm
February 19 Saturday - 10 am and 3pm
February 20 Sunday - 10 am and 3pm

Second Week

February 23 Wednesday - 7 pm
February 24 Thursday - 7 pm
February 25 Friday - 7 pm
February 26 Saturday - 10 am and 3pm
February 27 Sunday - 10 am and 3pm

Third Week

March 2 Wednesday - 7 pm
March 3 Thursday - 7 pm
March 4 Friday - 7 pm
March 5 Saturday - 10 am and 3pm
March 6 Sunday - 10 am and 3pm

I was able to catch a sneak peek of four production numbers from Orosman at Zafira the other day during the play’s press con. Even before the cast started performing, I was already impressed at the costumes and how these made it easy for members of the audience to identify who belongs to what tribe.

My anticipation at watching something wonderful was justified when the cast started singing and dancing. To say that it was quite an experience would not be enough. I was figuratively blown away by the sheer talent of this group of young people who are obviously passionate about their work. 

The production number featuring the war between the three tribes was so full of energy and was wonderfully executed. I wish I could have captured that on video but, alas, my camera’s battery bailed out on me and I only got to use my mobile phone to take a few shots (photos can be found here). Thus, I am very much looking forward to seeing the full production of Orosman at Zafira come February.

Below are more details about this extraordinary and proudly Filipino production. Do make time to watch it as it is something we should value as part of our rich cultural heritage.

To watch the trailer and read a backgrounder of the story, please visit my other blog.

Press Release:

Dulaang UP, in partnership with Bit by Bit Development Company, is bringing back its blockbuster production of Francisco Baltazar’s OROSMAN AT ZAFIRA.

Set to open on February 4, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. at the SM Mall of Asia Centerstage Theater, OROSMAN AT ZAFIRA will run until February 26, 2011. OROSMAN AT ZAFIRA, one of the best-written works of Francisco Baltazar, the “King of Tagalog Poets,” is the story of the struggle for power of three kingdoms: Marueccos, Tedenst, and Duquela. Amid hatred and war where two individuals find love, this contemporary adaptation of Baltazar's text highlights the strength of the Filipina and celebrates the uniqueness of Philippine culture through original music and dance.

Directed and choreographed by Dexter M. Santos, with original music by Carol Bello, OROSMAN AT ZAFIRA garnered nominations for both Best Musical Production and Best Stage Director at the 21st Aliw Awards.

OROSMAN AT ZAFIRA premiered in February 2008 and was re-staged last August 2010 to sold-out, standing-room-only performances at the Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater, UP Diliman. Due to numerous inquiries and requests for more “repeat” performances from students, teachers, schools, organizations and theater fans from Metro Manila and nearby provinces, Dulaang UP checked the feasibility of presenting OROSMAN AT ZAFIRA outside the UP Diliman campus in order to reach more audiences. Through a partnership with Bit by Bit Development Company under the management team of lawyer Darwin Mariano and magazine editor Carlo Francia, this original Filipino musical will have 15 performances at SM Mall of Asia Centerstage Theater.

The new production of OROSMAN AT ZAFIRA shall feature Jay Gonzaga (Orosman), Maita Ponce (Zafira), Delphine Buencamino (Zafira), Tao Aves (Zelima), Roeder CamaƱag (Abdalap), Red Concepcion (Aldervesin), Kevin Concepcion (Zelim), Acey Aguilar (Zelim), Jacinta Remulla (Gulnara), Jean Judith Javier (Gulnara), Nazer Salcedo (Boulasem), Neil Tolentino (Mahamud), Felipe Ronnie Martinez (Ben-Asar), and the Dulaang UP Ensemble.

The artistic team of OROSMAN AT ZAFIRA includes Tuxqs Rutaquio (Production Designer), John Ilao Batalla (Lighting Designer), Anril Tiatco, Katte Sabate, and Patrick Valera (Dramaturgs), Mara Marasigan (Assistant Director), Via Antonio (Associate Choreographer), Irish Pangilinan (Associate Musical Director), and Lao Rodriguez (Accessories Designer).

The production team is composed of Atty. Darwin Mariano (Executive Producer), Carlo Francia (Associate Producer), Toots O. Tolentino (PR/Publicity Consultant), Ida Elopre (Production Manager), Ohm David (Technical Director), Loraine Macatangay (Stage Manager), Cherry Bong Edralin (Marketing Manager), and Jojit Lorenzo (Photography).

OROSMAN AT ZAFIRA’s Playdates are Feb 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25 and 26, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia Centerstage Theater. OROSMAN AT ZAFIRA’s Friday and Saturday Gala Shows will be at 8:00 p.m. and the Saturday Matinee Shows will be at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. OROSMAN AT ZAFIRA tickets are now available at all SM Cinema Ticket Booths nationwide and all TicketWorld outlets in major National Bookstore branches, Robinsons Department Stores, and at Greenbelt 1, Glorietta 5 and Trinoma Cinema ticket booths. Call SM Tickets at (02) 470.2222 or TicketWorld at (02) 891.9999.

As a special treat to all students, here’s your chance to watch OROSMAN AT ZAFIRA for only P350.00 per ticket (free seating). This is applicable on all matinee performances.

For more information, call or text (0949) 434.5239 / (0917) 842.7346 or (0922) 842.7346 or log on to or like the official OROSMAN AT ZAFIRA Fan Page on Facebook.

I love to laugh as many people do and I like watching movies that tickle my funny bones. After watching the press screening of Gulliver's Travels, I could say I found it more entertaining than some of Jack Black's other comedies. Some parts were definitely hilarious although I was on the fence about the peeing-on-the-fire scene. My husband and youngest son have a slightly different sense of humor than I do so they simply laughed their way through to the movie's ending.

For other thoughts on this movie, including my son's, please read my full-length review of Gulliver's Travels here.

It has been a week since I opened the bottle of jasmine-scented essential oil and arranged the reeds inside it. I can still smell the fresh flower scent every time I enter our bedroom.

I bought this item because I became curious how reed diffusers work. I came across these kinds of products some months ago after researching on essential oils and aromatherapy for a writeup I was doing for a client. When I saw a display of reed diffusers at Shopwise Alabang, I bought the smallest bottle, which only cost me P49.95, because it was something new to try.

I've already experimented with candle burners and incense sticks before but I find them too arduous to set up as well as messy to clean. Although I am not averse to using room sprays, they also require extra effort each time I want our room to smell nice.

So I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use a reed diffuser. After placing the reeds inside the opened bottle of oil, I positioned the container at the farthest left corner of my desk-cum-dresser where members of my all-male family won't accidentally bump into it and spill the liquid. I placed a heavy mug of pens and pencils beside it for good measure. So far, so good. 

During the first three days, the scent could be smelled even outside our room. But it started fading after that. Still, what's important is that I get a whiff of jasmine every time I'm working on my laptop on top of the dresser. The pleasant aroma helps me relax and think better especially when tackling urgent deadlines.

If you ask me if I'm going to buy another bottle when the oil runs out, I can definitely say I will. This aromatherapy method, for me, is the easiest to use and the longest lasting. I'm buying me another one in a different scent soon.

Finally, BPI uploaded its latest promo on their website. I've actually seen posters of this in Jollibee stores in the past few weeks but haven't been able to find details online until now. It's a good thing I haven't thrown all my transaction receipts yet from last month because the promo started as far back as December 1!

Although it is nice that BPI continues to offer promos like these, let me just express my disappointment that the minimum purchase requirements seem to keep getting higher and higher (from P1500 to P2000; from P3,000 to P4,000 to P5,000; and from P6,000 to P10,000!) every time they come up with a new promo.

Get Jollibee Chickenjoy & Yum – FREE!

Redeem at any Jollibee outlet by:

-- Presenting your BPI Express Teller or BPI Express Credit card.
-- Surrendering your original charge slip or transaction receipt (minimum single receipt purchase of P2,000, P5,000 or P10,000).

1. The promo is open exclusively to the following:

-- All existing BPI Express Credit cardholders (Classic, Blue MasterCard, Gold MasterCard, Petron-BPI MasterCard, Edge MasterCard, BPI-WorldPerks MasterCard, BPI SkyMiles MasterCard Regular and Platinum) of good credit standing.
(Note: BPI Express Credit Corporate Classic and MasterCard cards are NOT qualified to join the promo.)
-- All existing BPI, BPI Family Savings Bank and BPI Direct cardholders (Express Teller, Jumpstart and BPinoy).

2. Promo period is from December 1, 2010 to January 30, 2011. Redemption period is until March 31, 2011.

3. To qualify, cardholder should use his BPI Express Credit card or BPI Express Teller ATM card via Express Payment System (E.P.S.) within the promo period for a minimum single purchase transaction of P2,000, P5,000, or P10,000 at any merchant. Transaction should be approved through a Point-of-Sale card terminal.

-- For BPI Express Credit, cash advance transactions are also qualified.

-- For BPI Express Teller ATM Card, cash withdrawals through ATMs are NOT qualified to join.

4. Cardholder can choose to redeem any one (1) of the following Jollibee food items for every qualified transaction:

At least P2,000: 1-pc. Chickenjoy with rice OR 1-pc. Chicken Barbecue with rice

At least P5,000: 2 orders of 1-pc. Chickenjoy with rice and 2 pcs. Yum OR 2 orders of 1-pc. Chicken Barbecue with rice and 2 pcs. Yum

At least P10,000: 6-pc. Chickenjoy Bucket and 6 pcs. Yum OR 6-pc. Chicken Barbecue Bucket and 6 pcs. Yum

5. Printed charge slip/transaction receipt should be presented to qualify for redemption of the FREE Jollibee food items. Transactions without the printed charge slips/transaction receipts are NOT qualified, such as, but not limited to, the following:

-- online purchases and internet payments;
-- mail and telephone order purchases; and
-- auto-charge transactions

6. To redeem, cardholder must present for verification the BPI Express Credit or BPI Express Teller ATM Card used for the transaction. Cardholder should surrender the qualified original charge slip/transaction receipt or the original BPI Express Credit cash advance transaction receipt to any authorized Jollibee personnel before release of the free Jollibee food item.

For BPI Express Credit transactions abroad, cardholder must also present the corresponding statement of account where the transaction is billed to verify its Peso value equivalent.

7. Cardholder can redeem the featured Jollibee food items at any Jollibee store nationwide.

8. The redemption is valid for dine-in and take-out only. Drive-thru transactions will not be allowed.

9. Only one (1) free Jollibee food item can be redeemed per charge slip/transaction receipt or BPI Express Credit cash advance transaction receipt. A customer is allowed up to three (3) redemptions per day per store only.

10. A single purchase transaction requires only one approval. Splitting into smaller transaction sizes and, consequently, requiring multiple transaction approvals will not be allowed.

11. Transactions that are found fraudulent and transactions that are consequently cancelled/void will not qualify for redemption. Should the client knowingly and intentionally redeems with these charge slips/transaction receipts, BPI reserves the right to charge the cost of the reward redeemed to his BPI Express Credit or BPI Express Teller account.

12. BPI and Jollibee shall not be responsible for the replacement of charge slips/transaction receipts that are stolen and/or faded for purposes of redemption.

13. The free Jollibee food items cannot be exchanged for cash, other products or discounts.

14. BPI is authorized to give necessary information to its contractor or agent to perform or complete the redemption process of the Jollibee food items.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 7525. Series of 2010.

I got paid! I should have blogged about this sooner but I was so swamped lately with my writing deadlines offline. Anyway ...

Finally, after answering online surveys for a long time, I reached 1000 points last October at Global Test Market and was able to request the $50 payment.

For more details about this paying site, please read my review published at Helium.

Unless you're a Filipino who lives in a remote part of the country where there is no internet, no radio, or no TV, you must certainly know who Charice Pempengco is. Start the New Year by catching her at Enchanted Kingdom on January 9. It would definitely be an awesome experience seeing and hearing her sing live :)

If you want to know about the latest updates on Charice, read this other press release.

Press Release

Enchanted Kingdom, our country’s very own version of Disneyland, celebrates the arrival of the New Year with a very loud bang with international singing superstar, Charice Pempengco!

From being a Youtube sensation, Charice has become a very successful figure in Hollywood, following guest appearances in hit talk shows Oprah and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and even starring in the hit TV musical series Glee alongside Leah Michelle. Now, Charice flies back to her real childhood roots, straight into the home of world-class entertainment and magical experiences, Enchanted Kingdom, through one unforgettable concert that will resonate in every Filipino’s memory for a long time.

"Enchanting New Year’s Cheers with Charice" is still part of Enchanted Kingdom’s 15th anniversary, year-round schedule of festivities. It is EK's thanksgiving offering to all their loyal patrons and ever growing circle of guests who have been and are still one with the magic throughout all these years.

This unique concert is also in line with the very vision of EK, to be a world-class leader in wholesome family leisure and entertainment and a prime tourist destination in the region, as they bring in one of the most talented and promising young achievers of the decade, truly a world-class artist and a proud Filipina at that.

But apart from the glitter and the glee, Enchanted Kingdom also exercises its own unique brand of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in giving opportunities for budding artists as the "Best in Talent" winner of last year's annual search for EK Princess, Miss Maui Francisco, will do a song number with Charice. EK lets the magic live on as it serves to inspire Filipino children to pursue their talents and fulfill their dreams, no matter how lofty or impossible they may seem to be.

Young students of the Philippine Institute for the Deaf (PID) will also be part this enchanting concert. Denise Limcuando, a student of PID and now a scholar of the prestigious Ballet Manila of prima ballerina Lisa Macuja, will also perform excerpts of her various dance performances in this concert. Such certainly espouses the mission of EK: to provide magical experiences that give all Filipinos true happiness.

Join this enchanting treat to start off the New Year and troop to Enchanted Kingdom to witness this once in a lifetime spectacle of song and soul on January 9, 2011 at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Admission is free with every purchase of a Regular Day Pass or Carousel Special ticket.

Enchanted Kingdom’s New Year salvo, made enchanting by Charice, will be the biggest opening event of the New Year, so don’t miss it!

For more details, please call (632) 584-3535 or 584-4326 to 29. You may also log on to

How was your New Year's Eve celebrations folks? My extended family and I had a lot of fun watching fireworks from neighbors' houses. That's the best way to keep safe, in our opinion.

Anyway, since we're already talking about fireworks, let me share with you a video I took during the finals of Enchanted Kingdom's 1st Asian Sky Wizardry competition back in October. Although this entry only took home third place, I still found it the best one among the six competitors. Perhaps my bias came from watching the awesome lights with its accompanying music which happens to be my favorite Taylor Swift song :)

Enjoy watching as I did!

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