RPG Metanoia Trailer with Live Music from FILharmoniKA

I first learned about RPG Metanoia about a year ago when I saw a vague poster at the back of the souvenir program (from Lea Salonga's concert, if I remember correctly). I finally saw what the movie is all about last July when we watched Ambient Media's Show Tickler in Onstage Greenbelt 1.

I really was amazed at how fluid the graphics of this first Philippine 3D animated movie are and was doubly impressed when FILharmoniKA played the accompanying music live while the trailer was being shown.

Here's sharing the video I took that night. Let's support Filipino movies especially RPG Metanoia which, I heard, is now being dubbed The Toy Story of Asia. My kids are already excited to watch this movie which will start showing on Christmas Day :)

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